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I knew he was a mistake. I knew what he was wasn't no where near good. But I believed there was more to him than the eye can see.

I was sitting alone in the park when I suddenly heard footsteps. I didn't realise it was real because I hear voices. Yes I am schizophrenic. I then heard them closer yet still not acknowledged them.

What got me out of the trance was I heard someone talking to me. And when I looked up. HE was there.

"Hello cutie. Why are you sitting here alone?" He said as he sat down.

"Hello? I don't know you. Why are you calling me a cutie?" I replied completely ignoring his question.

"Because you're a cutie. Now tell me why are you sitting here all alone in the cold?" He repeated.

"I'm sitting here because I like going here. I don't live too far away so I sit here. It's my little bench." I replied to him.

Suddenly I heard the voices in my head repeat the phrase. "Don't trust him." Over and over and over again.

"Shut up!" I shouted. And he looked at me in a strange way. "Sorry. The voices." I shrugged.

"Excuse me, the what?" He asked confused.

"The voices in my head." I replied.

He looked weirdly at me for a second, then his face calmed down and he nodded.

"What's your name by the way?" I said as I looked behind the bush that was next to the bench. I didn't hear an answer so I repeated. "What's your name?" I then looked around and didn't see him. It was probably another hallucination. I hope no one saw me talking to myself then.

"It wasn't a hallucination. He was there." A voice said.

"Yes it was a hallucination. How the fuck would he disappear in such a short period of time?" I said to myself.

"He's hiding himself from you." Another voice said.

"Can you just shut up and stop talking bullshit." I said to myself again.

"Don't go there. He's waiting for you." A voice warned me.

"How can a hallucination harm me please explain." I laughed and kept on walking and realised I should've listened to the voices.

"You're coming with me." A lower voice said and covered my mouth when I tried to scream.

"We told you." The voices said.

Sooooo I hope if you have schizophrenia you didn't get offended by this chapter. I'm gonna upload part two soon so get ready for that!!! But yeah thank you so much for reading!!!

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