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You were laying on your bed motionless and emotionless. Nothing mattered to you anymore. You just were there, living even though you were waiting patiently for the suffering to end.

You haven't eaten in a few days and we're looking like you took cosplaying as a skeleton a little too far.

Nobody is checking up on you, you know why? And no it's not because they think you're fine. It's because they don't care.

The voice in your head said to you. You have been fighting these thoughts for the past week but recently you just gave up.

You then heard your phone vibrate. It was David.

David: hey, are you ok? Why aren't you answering any of my calls or messages?

You: Why do I need to?

David: you know what, I'm coming over right now whether you like it or not

You: theres no point

In less than five minutes, you heard knocking on your bedroom door.

"Y/n open the door." David said in a serious voice.

"What's the point? All people die in the end. My time will just come quicker." You said to David through your pillow.

Before you could saying anything else David swung the door open and entered. "What is wrong with you? Where is this girl that I knew just a month ago who was bright and happy???" David said devastated when he saw you.

"She's gone." You said calmly.

David walked up to your bed, sat next to you and just stared at your almost lifeless body. He picked you up and delicately placed you on his lap.

"I'm sorry David, but life isn't always unicorns popping out rainbows and burping confetti." You said to him.

"I know but please talk to me." He said and hugged you harder and stronger than ever.

"You won't understand." You said to him.

"That's true I won't... unless you explain to me." He said and placed a small kiss on your forehead, which sent chills down your spine. It reminded you how much you missed his touch.

"It's just I don't know what happened. One day I was laughing, joking around and then suddenly I started feeling low. I didn't want to leave. I just felt unwanted by everyone and I felt like I was just there but nobody wanted me." You said and started crying. " I felt worthless ok?"

David hugged you closer to him. "I love you and I want you to be the happiest person to ever walk this planet. I don't want you to hurt. You're perfect in every way, I don't know how I got so lucky to have you in my life. Come on let's get ourselves together and let's go to Olive Garden and eat something. I know how much you love Olive Garden." He said as he kissed your forehead and noticed a small smile creep onto your face. "I can see that little smile." He giggled and lightly tickled under your chin which made you giggle.

"I hate you." You giggled as you pushed away Davids hand.

"I'll never let you go, even if you'll want me to leave or die I'll stick to you to make sure you're happy." He said as he hugged you.

"You're a wizard Davey." You laughed to him.

"I'm a What?" He laughed.

"You're a fucking wizard you moron." You laughed and placed a kiss on his lips then smiled.

"So what am I then? A wizard or a moron?" He laughed and interlocked your lips.

"You're a little bit of both." You laughed.

And so you went to Olive Garden and after nearly a week of depression, you were once again the bright and happy Y/n you once were.


I hope you guys enjoyed this!! This was actually unexpectedly long haha. But I wanted to write a chapter like this I just didn't have the ideas for it. But I hope you enjoyed it! Please comment some chapter suggestions in the comments! Byeeeeee

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