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⚠️DISCLAIMER!!! I have been in the mood for a smut so here's one coming at you right about now!🎬⚠️

David is a Doctor in a hospital. He works long hours in the day and you very rarely see him. He isn't cheating on you it's just what his job requires.

You woke up that morning and looked at the time that showed 11:35. You love not needing to leave the house and wake up at any hour you wanted to. You then looked to your right to, hopefully, see your boyfriend sleeping peacefully next to you, because it was a Saturday after all. To your surprise he was nowhere to be found.

You shrugged and went downstairs to hopefully see him cooking up a delicious breakfast for the two of you. But all you saw were some rock-hard waffles with a note, covered in maple syrup, next to them.

You angrily snatched the note from its place and read.

Hey Baby,

I'm really truly sorry that I had to go but, I had a serious accident and they needed me to be there. I made you breakfast but I'm not sure what state it will be in when you will wake up.

I love you very much just remember that. I know we had plans to sit around and cuddle today but I had to go. Once again I'm so so extremely sorry about this.


You threw the paper on the floor after reading this. You understood that a lot of the time David had to work during the weekend, but you were slowly starting to get 'extremely' sick of it.

You decided to get your mind off of things by calling up your best friend, Corinna.

You: hey babesssss

CKgorgeousness 💎: hey bby!! How's it going???

You: honestly, kind of pretty awful. David once again had to leave...

CKgorgeousness💎: he is a really great doctor but it still isn't the best after all it was his idea for you guys to move in together.

You: yeah true. Could you come over though? That's why I'm pretty much texting you.

CKgorgeousness💎: of course!! Be there in 15!

You: see ya in 15.

After you put your phone down, you smiled for a moment then burst out crying. You understood the importance of Davids job, but he never found time for you. In fact, you could go as far as saying you haven't seen him in the past week.

Why do you have to do me like that David? You thought to yourself.

You then realised you were parading in pyjamas. "Oh shit I forgot." You quickly said then ran upstairs to get changed.

Soon after, Corinna showed up at your door. 

"Baby!" You shouted as you grabbed your best friend into a hug.

"Hi bestie." She giggled as she returned the hug. "So Dr Dobrik isn't home yet isn't he? How will he like it if I hooked up with his girl?" Corinna said which made both of you burst out laughing.

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