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You sat with your best friend on a bench in the mall near your house. You were just talking about some random things. You two then decided to go to McDonald's to get your self's some McFlurrys.

"Imagine if we ran into David." You best friend said out of no where.

"Why would we?" You replied to her confused.

"I don't know. I'm just random you should know that." She laughed as she took another spoonful of ice cream to her mouth.

"I have realised that." You laughed and took another spoonful.

"Hey there." You heard a familiar voice say. When you looked Behind you, you saw David.

"Wait what how?" You almost shouted as you jumped out of your seat.

"Surprise." David giggled and gave you a hug.

"This literally can't be real this is insane." You said shocked as you hugged him back. "Wait what I'm confused." You said.

"Surprise mother fucker." Your best friend said and you laughed.

"You have a great friend." David laughed.

"Can you tell?" You giggled as you gave David another hug.

You took a few selfies together and hangout. It was literally the best day you've had in your life.

"It was so great hanging out with you. You're just literally the best person to ever exist." You said to David as you stared deeply into his eyes.

"But I've met a person a person who is the best." He said.

"Really who? The guy in the mirror that you see when you look into it?" You giggled.

"No, look in the mirror." He said as he pointed to a mirror behind you.

You were speechless but when you look back behind you, he grabbed you into a kiss.

"I love you David." You smiled and kissed him again.

"I love you too y/n." He smiled and giggled.

Then suddenly bright light hit your eyes, only to make you realise you were fast asleep. You looked around and took in the fact that you just woke up and everything that happened, never happened.

"I should really stop thinking about David this much." You said to yourself.


Sooo this is pretty much a more of a relatable chapter because come on, everyone went through this. Like I said once "I've met my idols so many times, if only it could happen while I'm awake."And of course I was insanely slacking with it because, come on it's me are you surprised? Exactly.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading. Bye for now!!!!!

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