Chapter 16.5: Chibi

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(no ones POV)

It was a beautiful afternoon in the forest. You finally confessed Elizabeth your feelings for her and now you two are happily enjoying the company of the other. But wait a second, what's that over there? 

*The camera moves slowly towards the top of the trees*

There was a person hidden among the leaves of the trees and it was wearing camouflage clothes. This person was nobody but your mother, Arba. She had some kind of camera in her hands.

Arba(mind): Finally! Now that the two of them are a couple, I can take all the pictures of them together that I want and show them to all my friends!

Arba hung upside down on one of the branches of the trees and began to take many pictures of you and Elizabeth, including one where you two were kissing.

Arba(mind): Yes! Show your love to the camera!




Arba(mind): Am I seeing tongues there?


In an unexpected twist of karma, the branch on which Arba was hung upside down began to break by the weight. 

Arba(mind): Oh-Oh.

The branch finally gave way to the weight and Arba fell.

Arba: KYAA!!!

Arba fell on the floor and she slowly got up rubbing her head in pain. Arba started looking for the camera but there was no trace of it. But when she finally got completely off the ground, Arba saw that the camera or the remains of it were under her.

Arba: NOOOOOO!!!

???: Mom?

Arba looked at her right side and saw You and Elizabeth with shocked expressions while both of you were staring at your mother.

(y/n): What are you doing here?

Arba: Emmm...




Arba: I want two granddaughters and a grandson!

And just like that, Arba ran like the wind into the forest. Leaving you and Elizabeth very confused.

Elizabeth: Did she just-

(y/n): *Sigh* Now you understand why people say that I act more like my father.


Guila and Jericho were training together in the courtyards of the castle. But suddenly, Guila stopped completely and this caught Jericho's attention.

Jericho: Something wrong?

Guila: My ex-girlfriend senses are tingling.

Jericho: Ehhh... What?

Guila: I'm sorry, Jericho. But it is my duty as ex-girlfriend to embarrass (y/n)!

Jericho: What?

And just like that, Guila ran like the wind to her glorious destiny. Leaving Jericho alone and confused in the castle courtyard.

Jericho: What the fu-

The End.

BOY! Surely these chapters that I write are weird xD

Before saying goodbye, I want to tell you that the prologue of my new book is already published. 






Are you still here? Go away, there's nothing else here. Oh, but wait! You're here for a spoiler of the next chapter, right? Alright, but only this time. In the next chapter, Hendrickson is going to k- *Static sounds*

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