Chapter 15.5: Chibi

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(no ones POV)

"Encyclopedia of the seven sins deadly sins"

You are standing in front of a screen in a classroom with a little Hawk sitting at a table with a desk in front of him.

(y/n): Good morning everyone! Today we will talk about the magic skills of Guila.

You pressed a button that you took out from your pocket and the screen behind you began to show clips of Guila's magical power.

(y/n): Guila's magical power is called "explosion". As the name sounds, Guila is able to use her magical power to generate numerous explosions. This turns her into a fighter to fear in a distance combat.

Out of nowhere, Guila appears at your side in her holy knight uniform.

Guila: I like to think that my explosion represents my passion.

(y/n): Your sense of passion is a little strange, Guila.

Guila: That's not what you say in our Date.


Guila: Awwww. But you were a true gentleman that night. You invited me to the most popular restaurant in the city and-

(y/n): *Blushing* S-Stop! I don't want our students to get the wrong idea of this. *Muttering* Besides, if Elizabeth finds out about this, she's going to kill me.

The sound of a pencil writing really fast filled the whole classroom and you directed your gaze towards your favorite student, Hawk. He raised his hand to ask a question.

Hawk: I have a question.

(y/n): What is it?

Hawk: Hiding embarrassing secrets and hiding previous love relationships is part of the exam?

Guila: Well-


The screen went completely black and the credits began to appear, sliding from the bottom to the top of the screen.

Guila: He also gave me a foot massage.

Hawk: Wow! I'm learning so much!

(y/n): *crying* Kill me...


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