Chapter 7: The hangover?

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Mecha: I'm not dead, it's just that I have a lot to do and I can not write ; _;

(your POV)

Me(mind): Ugh. 

What the hell happened while I was unconscious? I feel like my head is going to split in two at any time. The only part of my body that is not screaming in pain is my back, I'm resting on the bed? Or I feel so much pain in my head that I don't feel the pain in my back. I do not remember being beaten so badly in Baste prison.

Hawk: Get up, you slackers! Time for breakfast!

Me(mind): Did I sleep that long?

I started to get up slowly and rub my eyes while they adjusted to the sunlight, then I felt some weight in my right arm and when I looked, Elizabeth was hugging my arm like a pillow. She also woke up slowly and I can not lie when I say that Elizabeth is adorable even when she wakes up. 

Me(mind): Wait a minute... WHY ARE WE IN THE SAME BED TOGETHER?!

Then I felt more weight, but this time on my left arm. When I looked there, my face went pale when I saw Meliodas using my arm as a pillow.

Meliodas: Good morning, (y/n)! Are you feeling better after the party?


Elizabeth: (y/n)! Are you alright!?


Melidoas: Are you done?

Me: I still have one more good scream.


Elizabeth: (y/n), please calm down!

Me: Can someone explain what is going on please!?

Meliodas: So you don't remember anything?

Me: I-I...

I concentrated as much as I could and began to remember what had happened, what I did.


Everything is dark. My wound does not hurt as much as before, it's almost as if I wasn't there anymore. I don't know what kind of pillow the others gave me to rest, but it is extremely comfortable. I started to squeeze the pillow a little to make myself comfortable, but I started to hear some moans while I touched the pillow.

Me(Mind): What the heck? 

I touched the pillow again and heard the same moan, but this time it was a little louder.

Me(Mind): *blushing* D-Don't tell me...

I raised one of my fingers to generate a little light and illuminate the place where I was, only to see that the pillow where I was sleeping was actually the breasts of the princess. I could feel my face heat up and my nose begin to bleed while my jaw dropped completely.

Me(Mind): They are like melons.

(From outside of Diane's backpack)

Ban: And then I say "now that's a katana".

Meliodas: Hahahaha.

Me(inside the backpack): DIANE!

Diane: Keep quiet a little more, we're almost in the doctor's house.

I think I had fainted again after ... that event.

(night time)

It seems that it was a day full of miracles this time, not only Dr. Dana came back to life, but at the same time my wound disappeared completely. I can move freely again, but I just wish that Elizabeth's wounds would have healed in the same way. Damn Ruin! I must have made him suffer more for what he did to the princess! Anyway, as a form of apology and thanks, Doctor Dana and his daughter Sennett invited the entire group to a banquet. It's a shame that Elizabeth has to be in bed for her condition but I will not let her spend this time alone, so I decided to stay by her side until she feels better. Now Meliodas comes with Ban to introduce him correctly to the princess and hopefully, he will follow her orders.

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