Chapter 15: Unexpected reunion

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(Elizabeth POV)

Two days have passed since the tournament incident and the attack of the holy knights. During those two days, both Sir Meliodas and the others have been training to avoid being defeated again by the holy knights. For my part, I spent these two days sitting next to (y/n), waiting for him to recover. Since (y/n) lost consciousness after becoming a demon he has remained in bed in some sort of deep dream. I'm really worried about him. (y/n) fought with all his strength to protect us and now he is in this state. The worst thing about this situation is that I'm not capable of doing anything to help him. Sir Meliodas assures me that (y/n) will recover, that all he needs is a good rest. But two days have passed and he still doesn't wake up!

*Knock* *Knock*

I got up from my chair and headed for the door. When I opened the door, Hawk was on the other side. He looked at me with a little concern for me. After all, I didn't leave this room except to eat and go to the bathroom.

Me: Hi Hawk... can I help you with something?

Hawk: Well... There is someone downstairs who wants to talk to you. We don't know who she is, but she says she knows you.

Me: She?

That's weird. I don't think that someone who knows me knows where I am. Nor do I believe that it is a trap, otherwise, Sir Meliodas and the others would already know. I looked at (y/n) for a second who was lying on the bed and then I saw Hawk. Hawk seemed to understand what I wanted to say just by looking into my eyes.

Hawk: Don't worry, I'll take care of (y/n).

Me: Thanks Hawk.

Hawk: Just be careful. And remember, if you need help from the captain of the leftovers just scream and I'll go down the stairs as fast as I can.

I went down the stairs and at one of the tables in the bar, I saw a hooded figure and next to that figure was sir Meliodas sitting next to her. Sir Meliodas noticed my presence and immediately went to greet me.

Meliodas: Good day, Elizabeth! It's good to see you outside that room. I thought you would spend the rest of your life in there at this pace.

Me: Well... it's just... I'm very worried about (y/n)'s condition.

???: (y/n)'s condition?

The hooded figure rose from his seat and began to walk towards me. For some reason, this person's voice is familiar to me. As if I had already met many years ago.

???: What do you mean with that?

Me: Do... Do I know you?

???: It hurts me a little that you don't recognize me. But after these situations of stress, I guess it's understandable.

The hooded figure took off the hood and I gasped in surprise. No wonder her voice was so familiar, this person is an old friend of the family and a very kind person. This person is Arba, (y/n)'s mom.

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