Chapter 14: Extreme Magic!

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(no ones POV)

The choleric wrath of Zagan has awakened thanks to the sacred knight Twigo in his attempt to hurt Elizabeth. What will happen now?

Elizabeth looked at you with a mixture of emotions. On one hand, Elizabeth was relieved that you were alive. But on the other hand, at the same time she was worried about your current state. You became a demon again like, in the capital of the dead. But this time, she would see how ruthless you could become. 

Twigo: So this is your transformation? But even so, it's decided, you will be executed by my sword!

Twigo swung his sword forward, throwing a slash of magical energy towards you. Seeing the attack approaching you, you raised a hand towards the magical attack of Twigo and it stopped in front of you. Twigo raised an eyebrow in confusion. He had sworn that his attack would hit you directly.

(y/n): Dark gravity!

Using gravity, you sent Twigo's attack back to him. His own attack, plus your gravity magic, sent Twigo flying in the distance. By moving one of your fingers in circles in the air, you conjured a pair of monsters that came out of the bacteria that inhabit the air.

(I know, this is an insect)

(y/n): Chase that stupid human!

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(y/n): Chase that stupid human!

Your minions wasted no time in obeying your orders and starting to chase Twigo. While they did that, you walked to where Elizabeth was and you knelt at her level.

(y/n): Elizabeth, it isn't safe here. Get out of here while I take care of the holy knight.

Elizabeth: Are you... (y/n)?

(y/n): My name is Zagan. But... if it makes you feel better, you can call me how it makes you feel more comfortable. Anyway, there are other holy knights in the area. Take advantage of that only the guy I'm going to chase is the only one who saw you. Keep a low profile and go back with your comrades, it's your best option at the moment. 

You were about to fly off and go to where Twigo was. But Veronica stood in front of you, along with Griamore at her side.

Veronica: (y/n), wait! I demand to know what are you?

(y/n): *Hmph* A human who can only see with his eyes has no right to demand anything from me.

Veronica: What does that even mean?!

(y/n): It means fuck you and don't bother me.

You went flying from there to the sky at an incredible speed, leaving a small cloud of dust and everyone who was there coughing.

Hawk: What a *Cough* douche.

After flying for a few minutes, you saw that the place where Twigo landed was in a forest. Descending from the sky, you landed in the forest and saw how many of the trees were perfectly cut horizontally. On the forest floor, lay the remains of the creatures you had summoned. Suddenly, you felt a great desire for blood thirst behind you. You raised the back of your spear, blocking a sword with the back blade of your spear. The sword that was about to cut your head, it belonged to Twigo. The sadistic holy knight had a smile that could only be identified with the look of a lunatic.

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