Chapter 8: Zagan, the demon of nature!

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(your POV)

After a morning full of emotions that I wish wouldn't have happened and to give some apologies to others for my behavior yesterday, we finally arrived at the Necropolis. There is not much to say about this place. More than the land of the dead this place looks like a ghost town. But for some reason I can't shake the feeling that there is something strange in the air. As always, Meliodas is giving each one of us a job to do. I just hope he doesn't give me some exploration work or something like that, my head is still killing me for the effects of those drinks.

Meliodas: We'll start by gathering intel on King and the Necropolis. We also need money to feed ourselves. Okay, let's get ready for business.

Ban: You're seriously gonna run the bar Captain.

Diane: He's seriously cute when he's working

Me: For once in his life he is working, that is something new.

Ban: HaHaHa! I like this kid!

Meliodas: You guys are gonna work, too!

Me: I can live with that.

Meliodas: Start attracting us some customer, jumbo billboard girl!

Diane: *with stars on her eyes* Me?!

Meliodas: And you cook up some tasty grub, jailbird cook!

Ban: Me?

Hawk: Are you sure you didn't mean "smelly"?

Meliodas: I want to be sarcastic and say it's just skillfully made, but it's genuinely tasty. 

Me: Really?

Ban: Hey, hang on.

Meliodas: And you my brotha.

Me: If you call me that one more time, I swear I'm gonna- 

Meliodas: I have the perfect job for you. You and only you have the ability required to fulfill this mission!

Me: I'm afraid to ask, but what kind of work is it?

Meliodas: Clean!

Me: Eh?

Ban: (y/n), the captain of the polish order of flats!

Me: I hate both of you.

Ban: We love you too.

Me(mind): Once I finish this adventure I will as- no! I will demand a salary increase to the king

Meliodas: To work, then! Put your backs into it, people!

Elizabeth: Please give me a job, too! My injuries aren't bothering me anymore.

Meliodas: Just don't push yourself, okay?

Me(mind): *sigh* At least he's careful with the princess

Elizabeth: Okay!

Diana took Meliodas in her arms while playing with him. I on the other hand, I start walking to the kitchen. I just hope that Hawk hasn't left one of his pig gifts on the floor.

(time skip)

Me: I hate Meliodas! I hate my job! I hate everything!

To summarize what is happening, the captain and the others found King. Only that he ran away and seems to have some kind of personal conflict with Ban. Speaking of Ban, he found two children in this ghost town and he feed them as a loving father. Who would say that a bandit would have a heart made of gold? The children told a story about the Necropolis and a strange riddle related to that place. But the bad joke of this story is that Meliodas left me in charge of boar's hat while they're gone. It's not like someone could steal this place! 

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