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(No ones POV)


The sound of wood swords clashing against each other filled the whole courtyard of the castle. Two young warriors were testing their skills angaist each other. One of them was the son of the Great Master Zaratras, Gilthunder. The other one, was the son of another holly knight, the child of the noble Hendriksen, his name is (y/n) (l/n). While they were training, four persons were watching  them in action .

Dreyfus: Everyday this two become better and better. One day the kingdom is going to be in their hands and i know is going to be safe under they take care.

Meliodas: You worry to much about it.

Dreyfus: HaHaHa. Maybe i do or maybe these two bring me memories about me and Hendriksen when we were kids.

???: Come on Gilthunder you can do it!

??? Please don't  get hurt.

Both of the holy knights turn around to watch the people cheering for the future defenders of the kingdom. One of them was the first princess of the liones, Margaret. The other one was the third princess Elizabeth. The two kids stop what they were doing to look at both of the princess and give them a nod in response. Gilthunder charge against his opponent, swinging his sword trying to attack him while his guard was dawn. But (y/n) parried Gilthunder attack holding his sword in a horizontal form. When it make contact, he inclined his sword diagonally. This made Gilthunder not only miss his attack, but also hit the ground with his sword. (y/n) Then smack the pink hair boy in the head with the hilt of his sword, making him take steps back but he trip and fell to the ground. Before Gilthunder can get up, (y/n) put the tip of his sword in front of his face.

Meliodas: Alright you two, (y/n) is the winner!

Gilthunder: I really thought i was going to beat you this time.

(y/n): You attacked me thinking that my guard was dawn, but that was a trap. I only made you lower your guard, so i can get a free hit on you.

Dreyfus: You are just like your father (y/n).

(y/n): Thanks sir Dreyfus.

Margaret: Gilthunder are you okey!?

In the distance, the two princess came running to check on the young warriors.

Gilthunder: *blushing* Y-Yes i am Margaret.

Margaret: Even if you lost, you already gained experience for the future. 

Meliodas: But if he still want to be like his father, he has to train a lot yet. 

Elizabeth: You did great (y/n)!

(y/n): Thanks my princess.

Elizabeth: Please don't call me princess, i'm your friend so call me only by my name.

(y/n): Very well prin-Elizabeth.

Meliodas: Kiss her foot and maybe you will have a nice spot between the holy knights.

(y/n): Shut up! One of this days im going to become the greatest holy knight of Liones! So you better start treating me with respect!

The young (y/n) only win a smack in the head by Meliodas with his "serious face". (y/n) Let go a yelp in pain while holding his head and glaring at the sin of wrath.

(Time skip 14 years old (y/n) and 7 years after the betreyal of tne sins)(Your POV)

Today is the day, not only im one of the most youngest holy knights, but also i'm going to get a special job given by the king himself. Griamore was standing beside me and he looks more nervous about this than me. I heard that he is going to have a special mission too. I wonder if we are going to work together?

Me: Don't be afraid, i'm sure the king is not going to send you to the other side of the kingdom or something like that.

Griamore: How can you be not worry? My job is to protect lady Veronica. What would happend if she needs me and i'm not there for her?

Me: Relax a little, we are going to be called in front of the king and both great holy knights. They are going to think that you are not ready for this if they see you scare.

Guard: Sir Griamore and Sir (y/n), please follow me.

We follow the guard and he guides us inside the royal court. There were both noble families and holy knights looking at me, whispering things i couldn't hear. My atention was drag to my father Hendriksen, The king Bartra and lady Elizabeth. Once we were in front of them, we both bowed and closed our eyes, waiting for the king's instructions.

Bartra: Do you know why did i call you both?

Griamore: No my king, we only were told to come here. 

Bartra: I called both of you here because i have special assignments for both of you.

Me: What kind of assignments my king?

Hendriksen: (y/n), I have recommended you as a guardian. I have recommended you to be the bodyguard of the princess Elizabeth, not only because you are my son, but also because you have the skill and the loyalty to do this job.

Bartra: Do you accept this responsability (y/n)?

Me: *hand on the chest* I will protect lady Elizabeth with everything i have, even if i have to give my life for her.

Dreyfus: Then it has been decided. From this day you will be the bodyguard of the third princess (y/n). Griamore since (y/n) doesn't have experience as a bodyguard your job will be teach him how to do it.

Griamore: I understand sir.

Bartra: You both can leave now.

I look at Elizabeth and she seems happy about me being her bodyguard, while my father is just giving me his normal stern look. Since that expedition he act like this, i don't get what happened that day but that change him for ever.

(time skip 17 years old)(still your POV)

???: Please open the door!

???: There is nowhere left to run! Majesty!

The holy knights betrayal the king, i can't believe this! The same persons that swear to protect him and the people of this kingdom. Right now im standing in front of Bartra and Elizabeth while pointing my spear at the door, ready to do anything to protect them.

Bartra: (y/n) please come here.

Me: Now is not the best moment my king!

Bartra: Elizabeth and you must flee.

Elizabeth/Me: What!?

Elizabeth: We won't leave you! Come with us, father!

Bartra: I will be fine.

Me: But my king? I can't ju-

Bartra: Remember your promise (y/n)! Hurry, before the holy knights come...

I look at the floor in frustration and take Elizabeth's hand. She tried to push me aside and go with her father but i won't let go of her hand. If i let her go, i will be breaking my promise. Now we are in one of the secret passages of the castle, she is guiding me since only the royal family knows about these passages. But i can hear Elizabeth crying while we are running. I will protect her and this kingdom, even if i have to defeat every single holy knight in Liones for myself!

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