Chapter 4: Demon or Hero?

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(Elizabeth POV)

Why did (y/n) lied to me? Why does he hate Sir Meliodas. Why... ? My whole head is filled with questions right now. Hawk and I were running to where Sir Meliodas and Diane were fighting Gilthunder.

Hawk: For how long do you know (y/n)?

Me: Since I was five years old. Why?

Hawk: That would explain why you are so important to him.

Me: He is one of the little number of friends I have in the castle. When I was a kid, I barely could leave the castle to play. So besides my family and the guards, I was alone back in home. The day I meet (y/n), he alreade knew how to make me laugh or how make me happy. All the time he protect me with a warm smile and never afraid of  anything.

Hawk: He sounds like a hero.

Me: *whispering* He is like my hero...

Before we could continue, a great purple light came out from the center of the forest, blinding us for a few seconds. The breeze of the air felt heavier and the forest tremble a little.

Hawk: I have a bad feeling about this Elizabeth!

Me(mind): Everyone please be okay.

(No ones POV)

Right now Gilthunder and (y/n) were standing in front each other with some steps of distance between them. Meliodas' expression finally changed to a serious one while Diane was surprised after seeing the transformation of (y/n).

Diane: Captain. What happened to (y/n)? He looks creepy like that.

Meliodas(mind): Is (y/n) able to control it... ? No, is just only barely a portion of the power.

Gilthunder: Is this what you did yo yourself to become strong?

(y/n): Believe me, I didn't have a choice about this. But I will use this power to protect what is important to a monster like me.

Gilthunder: This is the last chance I'm going to give you. Surrender or you will suffer all the way to Britannia.

(y/n): Force me.

Gilthunder pointed his sword towards (y/n), shooting a big lightning bolt at him. But (y/n) extended his arm and black flames appeared in the palm of his hand.

(y/n): Hellfire wall!

The black flames formed a wall, protecting (y/n) from the lightning. When the fire went out, Gilthunder had disappeared from sight. (y/n) looked behind and ducked in time to avoid the blow of the Gilthunder's sword. Then (y/n) put the palm of his hand on gilthunder's stomach.

(y/n): Dark explosion!

An explosion hit Gilthunder pushing him back, but he manages to recompose himself in the air and land on his feet. Gilthunder threw another lightning bolt at (y/n), but he stopped the electricity with the palm of his hand.

Gilthunder: I see you were not just bluffing.

(y/n): I'm sorry if I'm disappointing you.

Gilthunder and (y/n) stand still, looking at each other for any sign of movement. In the blink of an eye (y/n) disappear and reappear behind Gilthunder with his spear raised. The Holy Knight turn with his sword barely in time to block the fatal blow, but the clash of weapons was making a big shockwave. (y/n) was applying more strength in his attack, pushing down Gilthunder.

 (y/n) was applying more strength in his attack, pushing down Gilthunder

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