Unkillable Nightmare

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Today I will talk about something VERY different than what I usually do. Today I don't want to talk to you about ideas I have for this book or something about my other books. Today, I want to talk to you about a friend's work. I want to clarify that this is the first time in which I make a chapter talking about someone else's book. I usually make recommendations of the books that belong to my friends for you to read. But I never wrote an entire chapter dedicated to that. That makes this a little more special :3

Before starting, I will leave you here the source so you can find Michael's book and I will also leave a tag in case you need it.

Source: https://www.wattpad.com/769708143-unkillable-nightmare-acknowledgements

Now I'm going to talk a little about this book, a little about the history of this book, and a couple of other things.

The writer (love you dude):

First I would like to talk about the creator of this book, Michaelelmore9. Like me, Michael has a high variety of books. So don't expect to just find simple content based on the same over and over again. But what I really want to mention about Michael is the genius he has. Michael created the book "Unkillable Nightmare" with the idea of making a massive crossover with different characters that don't come from different animes or mangas... Michael created a book where other wattpad writers (and artists) are the main characters. Each one of the characters come from one of the writer's books that are part of the crossover. 

Do I have to say how crazy and cool is this?! Michael created a book (That is still in development) where a large number of characters from different writers come together in the same story and each one is following the same (If not as close to not damage the development of the story of the book itself) backstory from the books from where they belong. Certainly, having the ability to do this with so many characters, each one with different stories, with their own personalities and abilities, and being able to put all that together perfectly... Michael, you are a fucking genius xD

Now I'm going to talk a little about the book but I will not reveal too much information to not make any spoilers.


The story of "Unkillable Nightmare" it's based on events that affect the multiverse. It turns out that time and space are things that exceed what we understand about that topic and that there are beings who are unhappy with the existence of too many multiverses. Because these forces of evil want to erase many of these alternate dimensions in the multiverse, a character named Chronos decides to recruit a small army to defend these universes. Each one of the characters that are recruited by Chronos have different reasons to join this little army. Revenge, love, a great code of justice, etc. Something interesting about Michael's work is that there are characters who already know each other. Let me explain something, there are characters that belong to the same universe. But those characters are different versions of themselves that exist elsewhere in the multiverse. For example, two of the characters belong to the same universe but one of them, although it exists in both versions, is very different from the version that the character "Knight" knows of his universe. It is a bit complicated to explain. It would be easier for you to read it to understand it. Going back to history, the reason why Chronos is recruiting so many warriors across the multiverse is because a war is approaching. 

Chronos himself said something like this: "The multiverse itself is in danger and everything will be destroyed if we don't win this war"


As you can see, Michael has a job very well done here. I will not lie to you. Michael told me a lot about his book when it was in the first stage of development and... I must admit that the concepts that Michael is using with this crossover fascinate me. Especially because Michael told me about some details that only make me consider him a very cultured person. If you wonder why I talk a lot about what Michal told me, it's because I'm also part of the crossover, which is a true honor. Anyway, I would like you to hear these five reasons to read Michael's wonderful work.

1) The story: While we don't have much detail about the reasons why Chronos is recruiting so many characters beyond "A war is coming," not all stories gives the reader every detail about what happened. Many times, a story takes its time to explain what is happening and why is happening. That is very common in many fiction books. With "Unkillable Nightmare" it is literally a mystery even to me of what will happen in the future and what will happen to each character. Because as I said earlier, the story of this book is still in development with some things

2) The characters: Each character comes from a different source. In other words, each character comes from the brilliant mind of other writers. While having so many characters is sometimes a bit complicated, Michael took a large part of his time to make every single one of the characters shine in front of the readers. That's something that each of the people who helped Michael create this book greatly appreciates. Also, Michael made sure to leave the source of each one of the characters so that everyone can contemplate the work of the other writers he added in this story.

3) The details: This story has a lot of variety of details and I'm not just talking about narrative value. This book shows details about the setting, the events, the characters and their stories, etc. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit with the details. But just by reading Michael's work, you can see that he did his homework to not let loose ends.

4) The threat: As you know, every story of this genre always has some reason of why the heroes start to work together to fight against something. Many times there is a villain, other times there is an evil entity that transcends others, in some occasions there is a hero who was corrupted by darkness. The only thing we know is that there is a "war" coming whose events will affect space time. Just imagine that there is something, someone, or even an entire army that can destroy many universes without blinking... Is something very exciting.

5) I'm in the story xD: It's a true honor that someone takes hours of his life to write something like this about me. Using someone like me in this way like Michael did deserves true praise!


Really, this work really deserves the support of many people. I don't want anyone to feel forced to read Michael's book. But if you want to have a good time, I sincerely recommend this wonderful book.

Anyway, I'm out of here and I hope you can have a good time with this book just like me.

Anyway, I'm out of here and I hope you can have a good time with this book just like me

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