Chapter 11: Fighting in the tournament

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(your POV)

Me: Great, why not?

After a few minutes of searching, I finally find Meliodas and the others. But unfortunately, they were very distracted with their own ideas of having fun, with the exception of King, he was thinking of winning to get Diane's hammer back and so he can gain her attention. The only problem here is that Howzer is not far from me in the arena, so I can't afford to talk to them in order to avoid revealing their identities. But, I think I should thank Ban. Although I arrived here first, I had forgotten the inscription for the tournament, Ban told me that he had already registered for me so I would not have to worry. There are times when he can be a good friend. Anyway, back to my current situation, the tournament has just started and as I supposed everyone is waging a war in this earth circle. One of the fighters tried to hit me from behind. But I duck to dodge his fist, making the guy behind me hit the one who was trying to attack me from the front. Then, I quickly get up, giving a headbutt in the jaw to the guy who was behind me.

Me: They make it look too easy.

(Time skip)

Almost all fighters were eliminated from the arena, with the exception of a small group of people. I wasn't surprised to see Ban and Meliodas at all still in the arena, Howzer also managed to get here. Something that seemed strange to me, was a girl with a violet cloak covering her entire body, but what caught my attention was the ease with which she defeated her opponents. She literally eliminated ten men from the arena in seconds. There was also an old man who surprisingly got to this point. But I was completely surprised to see an old friend here, the one who taught me everything you need to know to be a bodyguard. My old master, Griamore. I will try to talk to him when it's possible, but for now I need to focus on who my opponent will be.

Announcer: So, who is still standing in the ring?

Guy1: Four, five, six... eight.

Guy2: Isn't that enough for the tournament?

Guy3: Wait! There's one more who hasn't fallen out of the ring!

Indeed, King was flying on his pillow or rather, he was clinging to it as if his life depended on it.

King: That was close...

Guy1: No fair, he's floating!

Guy2: He's disqualified!

Me: King, Isn't that Diane over there?

King: Where?!

I know this is playing dirty but he deserves it. Taking advantage of King's distraction, I hold his pillow and at the same time I use my right arm to push him off. Making King fall out of the ring and disqualifying him.

King: (y/n)? Why did you do that?!

Me: Don't blame me for cheating when you started it.

Announcer: Well, that solves the problem!

Ban: I'm so proud, playing dirty like a champion.

Meliodas: Way to cheat!

Me: Yay... yay for me.

Announcer: All right, we will now hold the lottery for the finals! The eight finalists, please come to the waiting room!

All the participants entered the room and there wasn't much to emphasize about it, it was a very simple space. The tournament announcer took out a cup with sticks to determine the opponent of each fighter randomly.

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