Chapter 12: Fighting in the tournament (part 2)

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(your POV)

The combat between Meliodas and Ban began quickly. Meliodas attacked first, giving a strong punch to the left side of Ban's face and splashing a good amount of blood. Meliodas' attack almost sends Ban out of the ring, but he manages to stay inside and holds Meliodas from his waist, lifting him off the ground. Then, Ban tries to crush Meliodas' head against the ground. But Meliodas uses his arms to keep his head from coming into contact with the ground and then traps Ban with his legs to drag him through the air and hit him on the ground. But, Ban takes advantage of the situation to hold Meliodas ankles and throw him into the air with a kick.

Me(mind): These two don't give each other time to take a breath, it will be difficult to defeat the one who advances to the next round with me.

Ban jumped in the air and began to drop a storm of punches to Meliodas. But Meliodas counterattacks with a punch, sending Ban back to the ring and breaking in two halves the mountain on which we were all standing.

RandomGuy: That Baaaan guy has to be dead, right?

Me(mind): It takes more than a few caresses like those to kill him.

Ban gets up off the ground, perfectly fine and without injuries. I guess the rumors of his immortality weren't a joke. 

Ban and Meliodas continue the fight, disappearing in place and appearing in the air, quickly exchanging blows and kicks. Meliodas manages to hit Ban in the stomach through his guard. Then, Meliodas hit him in the face and send him flying through the air to the other side of the ring. But to the surprise of everyone, after that attack, Meliodas fell on his knees.

Announcer: Oh, no! Both fighters are down! 

Ban, once again, got up without any injury in his body, while meliodas remained on the floor. 

Me(mind): This seems more like a battle of patience for Ban, he just has to wait for Meliodas to run out of energy to continue fighting.

Ban runs to Meliodas, a few moments before being in front of him, the speed of Ban increased, dodging a blow of last second by Meliodas and appearing behind him. Ban strikes Meliodas in the back, sending him to the other side of the ring.

Me(mind): How did he do that? In a moment the speed of both was equal. But now, Ban became faster from nowhere-

I woke up from my thoughts when I saw Meliodas elbowing Ban in the face, breaking one of his teeth. Ban's wounds healed again, along with his tooth. Meliodas tried to kick Ban, but he evaded Meliodas attack and hit him with his shoulder while he had both of his hands in his pockets. 

Diane: King...

King: The captain's steadily losing his ability to follow Ban's movements.

Diane: His stamina's is running out, you mean?

Me: No, it's as if the speed and strength of Meliodas was being transferred to Ban.

Elizabeth: What does that mean?

King: Ban's magical ability is snatch, he is able to sap physical abilities such as speed and power.

Me: That is a problematic skill for those who only use brute force.

Returning to combat, Van gave Meliodas a strong uppercut on his chin, making him spin in the air. But, Meliodas grabs Ban from his wrist and starts hitting him like an old rag against the ground. Ban broke free of Meliodas' grip and the muscles of his arm grew. Then, Ban strikes Meliodas in the face, but Meliodas manages to block his attack by crossing his arms. 

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