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I'm not really the one to get offended. Irritated? Yes. Annoyed? All the time. Angry? Can definitely happen. But offended at something being said at me? Not really, there's not much I haven't said already anyway lmao, plus I don't really give a shit

But I think I found the one thing that could make me go "YOU SAID WHAT ABOUT ME!?" And it sucks having one of those???

I posted a meme on Hamino, it wasn't even recent, about John being gay. And this person comments "But John is strait...?" (Yeah, that spelling)

And honestly, they were kind of a dumbass. I sent them a link to the page in Massey's biography with John's letter to his uncle saying he married Martha out of pity because that's the only place I've seen that letter, and they basically said "I don't read bullshit lmao"

Yeah, good luck doing research like that

But long story short, they eventually made a long ass paragraph about how I've been "brainwashed by the fandom" and see John as a smol turtle boi and don't appreciate his efforts to end slavery and end the war.

First of all, FUCK. YOU.

Second, I basically told them to fix their magic crystal ball and say their ass down and all they said was "it's called generalization for a reason" or something about generalization, idk, with some dumbass emojis



I realized I've been ranting and venting about a lot of dumbass things lately and I don't really have an excuse aside from the fact that I've been kinda stressed. I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you guys..?

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