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So I'm happily scrolling through Tumblr, right? When I see a post along the lines of  "the good thing about being a Hamilton fan is that your favs aren't problematic"

And I'm immediately like L M A O

Upon further inspection I realize they're likely referring to the cast (though some of them are kinda problematic, specially Lin, but okay)

But the comments,


Someone goes and says that Hamilton bought slaves for his father (correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't he?? a child?? the last time he saw him??)

Another one has the AUDACITY of saying John Laurens might have owned slaves (I wanna die)

And then this one person says that Hamilton was a traidor, I–??????

Y'all know sometimes I loathe the Hamilton fandom, but Hamilton haters are highkey crazy too, and I don't say that just because of this.

Honestly, people need to freaking c h i l l

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