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Disclaimer: No offense to any Peggy fans, y'all still great

So it's a common thing to see people say that Peggy is an underrated character but,

She really isn't.

I mean, she does absolutely nothing but make some harmonies sound cool. And I get she probably wouldn't have been able to be in Take a Break because of Maria, but if she was only going to be there for half a second then why put her there to begin with??

She's not underrated because there's nothing to rate her for, she does nothing for the plot, even less that Angelica! Her entire character is just a punchline and honestly I personally can't understand why someone would say she's their favorite character when she's essentially useless in any way and only appears like twice, one of those times in the background only! It's just— agh

And what annoys me the most is when people take the forgotten Peggy trend and take it to real history. And I'm not just talking about the fandom, I legit once saw a book about Hamilton's friendship with Peggy and the description started with how poor Peggy was forgotten


Now that's what I call an overrated historical fanfiction jfc

Like it's great it's trying to bring Alexander's amazing friendship with Peggy to the light, but it was obvious it was feeding off the musical's fame. Like, the book was literally called "Hamilton and Peggy"

Emphasis on "and Peggy"

Plus the cover had a Hamilton musical-style silhouette so yeah

I just


I'm on a bad mood today, sorry for ranting about stupid shit

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