So uh yeah

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So here's an update in my life, I don't usually do many of these but idk, you don't have to read if you don't want to.

But, I officially consider myself an agnostic atheist.

And my family isn't all to happy about that, but oh well nothing really bad has happened.

To be honest I was never overly religious, even if I was raised in a Christian family and grew up on a catholic school (now that I think about it barley anyone in that school was particularly religious, I can only recall two people from my class who were). I never had fear of god (though I did fear demons, gotta love my childhood fears caused my religious amiright) and I never really understood concepts like the Holy Trinity or the purpose of Jesus' sacrifice. But more importantly I'm not a person of faith, I like facts. And that's mostly why I chose to not live my life according to beliefs from the Bronze Age.

I was happily surprised when two of my best friends turned out to be atheists too though, and yes ironically enough they also went to the catholic school.

But yeah, that's a thing now. I still believe in spirits though, but in a more parapsychological way than evil demons possessing sinners. That belief is probably gonna stick haha

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