I Love Reyna (Rant?)

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Okay so before we start one quick thing, so I was 'debating' with this person (does it even count as a debate if the other person doesn't know what the hell they're talking about?) because they said that Alexander's and John's "puppy love" was incomparable to Alexander and Eliza's marriage AND THEY LEGIT SAID "How long did they have the romance? Weeks? Maybe months?" liKE WHEEZE


And I just found it hilarious so yeah, there is that.


I love Rick Riordan, like half of the HP fandom be divorcing JK Rowling for her weird attempts to pretend there was diversity from the start and meanwhile we have Uncle Rick who instead of changing his books he simply filled the ones that came next with diversity

(Though the majority of his characters in the first saga had ADHD and Dislexia and somehow people still manage to sleep on that)

One of the things that shocked me the most was when Reyna (light HOO spoilers ahead) turned out to be Puertorican because like,

How often do you see a badass female Puertorican character who manages to be badass and serious and still have love interests at the same time!?

So my Puertorican ass was hella happy because of that.

The thing is that in some fanfics they make Reyna Mexican.

And I don't understand why??? And it kinda annoys me because it reminds me of that thing that dumb people believe that all Hispanic countries ever are Mexico and I don't think they do it intentionally but it doesn't make it any better?

Specially because the saga already has a canon Mexican character! Leo!!

So, uh, yeah. I saw this on a fic yesterday and it kinda annoyed me though now I feel kinda petty but uh yeah, rant over?

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