The Evolution of Lams (shitpost)

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Historical Lams

Alexander: I love you more than I love myself (which is actually not much) so don't you dare die, John

John: I can't promise anything

Alexander: JOHN

John: Okay, Okay. But you better not die either

Alexander: Promise me, John

John: ..I love you

Alexander: *sigh* I love you too

Musical Lams

John: Don't worry, Alex! I'll duel in your honor- I mean Washington's honor!

Alexander: A man after my own heart! *wink wink* Do you think the audience is noticing the explicit gay subtext?

John: *Standing way too close to Alexander* What subtext?

Alexander: Lol ikr

Fandom Lams

John: Bb, what outfit looks more basic on me, the crop top with the necklace or the choker with the tiny skirt?

Alexander: Sorry what was that? I was too busy ignoring you and cheating on you with every girl ever

John: MY LIFE IS OVER *cries*

Alexander: Wait no I suddenly love you

John: gASP

Alexander: Lol sike *makes out with Maria*


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