I think I have a problem with Eliza

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Mind you, this post is ONLY about musical Eliza, historical Eliza can still step on me.

So I just did five hours of homework because fuck APWH (just realized how ironic is that I noticed this while doing history homework) and toward the end I decided to put Non-Stop to see if it gave me a little energy boost (it didn't, I was far too gone) but I realized something that's pretty obvious but I guess I hadn't stopped to think about before.

So we all know what happens, Alexander gets offered the position of Treasury Secretary, which is great! He gets to be part of the government of the nation he fought so hard for in the war and have a respectable position. And then he goes to tell Eliza who says

"Look around, isn't this enough!?"

Um, excuse me!?

So you're telling me, that instead of supporting your husband's dreams and ambitions and being happy because he finally got the recognition he worked so freaking hard for his entire life, you get angry at him and want him to settle?

What the heck??

And then in Take a Break when he's about to loose HIS FREAKING JOB you basically tell him "fuck that, let's go on vacation"

The fuck???? That's not being a supportive partner, that's just being selfish.

So yeah, I don't think I like musical Eliza that much after seeing it from this perspective tbh

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