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So the other day I posted a post (bruh) on Hamino called "Why There is no Heterosexual Explanation for the Cold in My Professions Letter" and well, it's pretty self explanatory.

And I'm shocked??? By how many people believe that a romantic relationship couldn't have happened between them??? Because it was illegal, of all things???

Like, do these people legitimately believe that absolutely no gay relationships happened at all during that time period because it was illegal? Are you shitting me? It's so straight up ridiculous lmao. As if things being illegal ever really stopped people from doing them. I mean, murder and dueling was also illegal back then, and yet we all know how the freaking musical ends.

There was legit one person who said that historical figures couldn't be gay and honestly I wish I could go back in time and just copy and paste a long ass list of every LGBT historical figure as a big "FUCK YOU" under their comment (they also said "smh" too fucking much and it was so annoying af but anyway)

On an almost unrelated note, it was kinda funny how I spent half of the post explaining why the dick jokes in that letter weren't technically jokes but Alexander projecting his anger and stuff, and half of the comments were just:

"yOu CaNt PrOvE aNyThInG wItH oNlY dIcK jOkeS!!1!1!"

It was hilarious, it's like they didn't even read the post and all the other things said there aside from the dick "jokes"

Honestly, after the initial anxiety and annoyance passes away, these people are kinda funny. I still can't get over that one time someone called the Hamilton-Laurens letters, which are literally primary sources, "unreliable". Pfff

Anyway, if you excuse me, I'll go bang my head against a wall because I want to write but I cANT—

Fuck writer's block above all things tbh

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