D&D Shenanigans

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D&D is so fucking weird and I love it.

On the last session the only thing Cass did was eat a potato in a tavern (the teacher is our DM so we weren't allowed to get drunk, sadly) because anxiety is a bitch and I didn't dare to speak up, which I really want to work on cause I wanna participate in the social part of roleplaying and stuff. But anyway,

But the rest of the party (at least the ones that were there, there were like three absent people) sure had fun.

-The our gnome bard tried to impress a dude by playing despacito on his guitar. He failed miserably.

-After that they made the guy believe that a normal stone they had was actually a lucky charm and made him pay seven gold for it. But hey, at least he looked happy.

-Bard tries to play again in front of the entire town: He rolled a 20. The villagers started crying.

-We me the town's Cleric, who is a Sun Elf. And our party's Sun Elf immediate reaction upon meeting her was to flirt.

-"I'm 800 years old." "Well you don't look a day over 300!"

It sure was fun.

Also I saw a post on Tumblr about D&D accent headcanons and lets just say I can't stop imagining Cass with an Australian accent now.

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