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So I was looking up John's poem to show it to someone (the one he wrote on the bottom of a letter to his father most likely as a thank you to a girl for giving him gloves)

And in the process I find out Alexander wrote a poem as a teen which also mentioned a Celia and in like "woah what a cool coincidence"

And then I look up the poem,,,



So this is the part of them poem in which he mentions Celia (who I don't think it's a real person but like a muse but who knows):

"Celia's an artful little slut;
Be fond, she'll kiss, et cetera—but
She must have all her will;
For, do but rub her 'gainst the grain
Behold a storm, blow winds and rain,
Go bid the waves be still.
So, stroking puss's velvet paws
How well the jade conceals her claws
And purs; but if at last
You hap to squeeze her somewhat hard,
She spits—her back up—prenez garde;
Good faith she has you fast."

And not only did he write this,

Oh no,

He sent it to a paper to attempt to get it published (along with the rest of the poem).

Holy shit, Alexander

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