D&D Shenanigans Part 3

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I told some people I'd make more of these so here we are!

—The rest of the group and I came to the conclusion that the main villain (I don't remember his exact name so I'm gonna call him Nessy instead which is this random nickname we gave him)  Nessy is plotting some Mother Gothel immortality kind of shit. We found him in front of a well and none of us wanted to approach cause we thought he would throw us into it.

–When Petri (I don't know if what's how you spell it) our adorable half-elf Druid finally decided to approach with Charlie the tiny pseudo dragon on his shoulder, one of the guys we previously rescued thought it was convenient to say to not look at Nessy's staff, but they were too far so Cass started doing some exaggerated "NOPE" motions at them. Thankfully it worked

—Also I realized how convenient it is for Cass I-distrust-women Perdita that literally every character but Thalia the badass NPC is a dude.

–Imagine a tiny three feet tall pseudo dragon holding up a fireball the size of a library. Yeah. That happened.

—Also Thalia the badass NPC didnt want us to kill Nessy cause apparently we need him alive like??? Girl??? What is this??? Don't betray us plz???

– DM: Aaaand someone roll this dice *puts dice in front of me*


–Petri turned into an aligator at some point and tried to grab Nessy's staff while in that state

–One of the players has arachnophobia. Guess what giant arachnids we had to fight against? Yeah that was interesting

–After we got Nessy to the ground (cause the extra hoe was flying) we hypnotized him, put a net around him, and chained him up. He eventually broke off the spell but Cass just,,, kicked him on the face,,,

–D&D is perhaps one of the few acceptable situations in which a teacher can say "let's kill this son of a bitch" around students

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