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Functioning Dysfunctional Family by jemmymadison316
Functioning Dysfunctional Familyby jemmymadison316
Dark secrets abound in the Washington household as the two boys, Alexander and Lafayette, begin their first year of high school. When he's anxious, Alexander doesn't tal...
  • washingdad
  • brothersbestfriend
  • marthawashington
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Another Scottish Tragedy [LAMS AU] by mqrquisdelafayette
Another Scottish Tragedy [LAMS AU]by Lafayette
[LAMS college AU] John Laurens, an ordinary South Carolinian college student, makes an online friend named AnotherScottishTragedy. He assumes that this boy is just like...
  • johnlaurens
  • collegeau
  • alexanderhamilton
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My Name Is Alexander [LAMS] by Purple_Ghost_1782
My Name Is Alexander [LAMS]by Oh Dear
Alexander was now living with the Washingtons, they had recently adopted him a few months ago. Lafayette was like Alex's brother, he was also adopted by the Washington...
  • bullying
  • love
  • lafayette
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messages//lams ✔️ by destinyxdreams
messages//lams ✔️by THOT patrol
"thomas we really need to get working on the project" "sorry not thomas this is john" //au where everything starts with a wrong number //ships: lams...
  • hamilton
  • maria
  • jefferson
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I'll Never Leave You (Lams College AU) by I_Think_Its_Lyn
I'll Never Leave You (Lams Lyn
Hi, so this is a College AU and um I'm trying ok. There will b a happy ending and yes this is Lams. It's cute and like depressing, idk it's fine I'm gonna go away now.
  • collegeau
  • lamitlon
  • lams
Friends... Plus a little extra (Lams)  by anotherhamiltonfan
Friends... Plus a little extra ( Hamilton
Yeah John and Alex are basically friends with benefits. • Highest rank: #3 in Lams
  • hamilton
  • friendswithbenifits
  • lafayette
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Ukuleles and Scars (Lams) by -Blxrry-Galaxy-
Ukuleles and Scars (Lams)by j.ham 💜
John Laurens was known for being that one kid who always had something for helping others. Always. He was a nice kid. Whether it be just simply talking to them or playin...
  • lams
  • selfharm
  • gay
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||Swimming Lessons|| A Lams Fanfiction by savi349
||Swimming Lessons|| A Lams savi349
Alex struggles with severe anxiety alongside many other mental health issues. He feels as if he's drowning in it all. The water feels like it's slowly rising each day, l...
  • schuyler
  • lafayette
  • mullette
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Cliche (Lams) by SavageSunnyglasses
Cliche (Lams)by S.S Glasses
Alexander Hamilton moved in with Martha and George Washington and had a very hard time adapted, especially since he came from a place where abuse, torture and rape was n...
  • hamilton
  • washingdad
  • lams
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Hope for Our Ass After All by MotherCranberry
Hope for Our Ass After Allby im gay for jefferson
#3 in lams #1 in mullette Some Lams, some Mullette, some random stuff in between, and some annoying assholes down the hall (who are obviously Jefferson and Madison). ...
  • jeffmads
  • wattys2017
  • hamilton
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Incoherent. (Lams)  by SavageSunnyglasses
Incoherent. (Lams) by S.S Glasses
There had been an outbreak. Of what? Nobody knew. People called them all different things but everyone knew for sure that they were people. They were dead. Definitely. N...
  • hamilton
  • washingdad
  • zombieapocalypse
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Rise Up! (Completed and edited!) by WhyElizabethWhy
Rise Up! (Completed and edited!)by Lizzie
Alexander has been a single dad ever since his wife, Eliza Hamilton, passed away. Alexander is now 39 years old and his son, Phillip, is 9. His wife's family abandoned...
  • hamilton
  • lams
  • wattys2019
You'll Be Back- Lams by Angelicaaaa_03
You'll Be Back- Lamsby Angelica McNamara
Modern Lams AU Just another fluffy (yes FLUFFY) Lams fanfic Includes other ships such as Meggy Hope you enjoy!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ *:・゚✧
  • ships
  • andpeggy
  • linmanuelmiranda
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Drunken Love - A Hamilton Lams Story by InsertGaeUsername
Drunken Love - A Hamilton Lams Kiri!AtTheDisco
Alexander is having a rough life, the solution? Of course to drink everything away. At the bar He meets a man named John who he ends up falling in love with- read to fin...
  • hamilton
  • lams
  • wattys2019
Speak Up // Lams  by determinelydepressed
Speak Up // Lams by m :)
John Laurens has lived in South Carolina all his life. So far, nothing has changed. His town is still filled with the homophobic, racist people he's always been surround...
  • lafayette
  • johnlaurens
  • mute
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Demigod : LAMS // GREEK GOD AU \\ by annoying_dog2006
Demigod : LAMS // GREEK GOD AU \\by annoying_dog2006
John Laurens is a Demigod that the Greeks call Persephone. Alexander Hamilton is a god that the Greeks call Hades. John Laurens has a pretty good life. He has a loving...
  • greekmythologyau
  • alexanderhamiltonxjohnlaurens
  • hamitlonau
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Problems (A Lams College AU) ~☬~ by valesti_
Problems (A Lams College AU) ~☬~by starboyblue
So this is a Hamilton College AU in the 21st Century. Obviously, I don't own Hamilton. Enjoy! .. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Alexander Hamilton: Boy, 20...
  • angsty
  • triggers
  • offensivestuff
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Hit or Miss || lams by CanineKing4
Hit or Miss || lamsby Canine King
*cover art not mine* *swearing Hello My name is Alexander Hamilton and I'm a hitman. Someone who kills for money. And honestly I love the job! You tell me who you want d...
  • loveatfirstsight
  • death
  • hamilton
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I wish I could say I love you (modern Lams// Mute! Alex) by as_imagine
I wish I could say I love you ( Alisha S ⭐
John Laurens writes a letter as part of a high school project and sends it across the sea. What he didn't expect was a reply, especially not from a guy who's as talented...
  • hamilton
  • mullette
  • wattys2019
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My Fake Fiancé is Problematic - A Hamilton Fanfiction by UndeniablyKawai
My Fake Fiancé is Problematic - Cieara Kimberly
College AU John Laurens has a new roommate who seems to have a troubled past. Can John get through to him or will this new roommate be just as silent as the last? It was...
  • musicals
  • andpeggy
  • peggy
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