яαιѕє α gℓαѕѕ тσ fяєє∂σм;; Adopted by A.Ham [Reader Insert] by Petunia938
яαιѕє α gℓαѕѕ тσ fяєє∂σм;; Petunia
~~~ "яαιѕє α gℓαѕѕ тσ fяєє∂σм." ~~~ Y/N is a fourteen year old girl living in the 1700s. The revolution against Britain has started, and she's stuck with he...
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I'm Yours(Lams College AU) by simplyhamilton
I'm Yours(Lams College AU)by Angelica Hamilton
John Laurens: A boy who has lived in South Carolina until he was ten. Homeschool until his senior year of high school. He was finally being enrolled at King's College a...
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Coffee shop (lams) (bxb) by Lips0and0hips
Coffee shop (lams) (bxb)by Lips0and0hips
Alex used to be John's teacher, both of them meet again at a small coffee shop two years later. Alex finds the small freckled boy cute. He goes to the coffee shop to se...
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Anthony Ramos x Reader (Hamilton) by CittyKat27
Anthony Ramos x Reader (Hamilton)by Thicc Spicy Chap
Being Lin Manuel Miranda's sister, you are bound to meet the cast of Hamilton... And ever since you heard of Anthony Ramos, you've fallen in love with him. You're also a...
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Je t'aime (Lafayette X Reader) by Amberiso
Je t'aime (Lafayette X Reader)by Evil author
The reader has transferred from some place to go to college in New York where she meets some friends, enemies, and possibly a lover...? Read on to find out. This is a st...
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This can't be real // hamilsquad x reader by yvsvsy
This can't be real // hamilsquad ;)
❌ may be a mature book ❌ Cover art belongs to Szin from yt
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Hamilton Reacts to Stuff!! by Glittersilver
Hamilton Reacts to Stuff!!by Quinn
Title says it all. Open to requests!
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Camp Lotus by actually-Crowley
Camp Lotusby AD🐈
So anyways... the Hamilsquad in it's entirety (Alex, Herc, Laf, Eliza, Burr, Angelic, Peggy, and Mariah), plus Jmads, Ugh Jefferson, and other people like King George, S...
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Hamilton Watches Hamilton by fullofcrazyness
Hamilton Watches Hamiltonby The Fangirl
This is gonna be a story about the characters from Hamilton watching the musical. (ps. I'm not actually going by historical physical characteristics. they go with the or...
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{Jamilton} You Found Me? Let's See If You Can Fix Me Now... by caramelangel101
{Jamilton} You Found Me? Let's !Jae!
Modern AU!! What else?? ~Trigger warnings~ -Cussing -Panic attacks -Suicide attempt -Mind break (is that what it's called?) -Fighting -Angst -Abuse -Self harm (??) -MAY...
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Home (Lams Modern AU) by gayisyay
Home (Lams Modern AU)by Gay is Okay
Alexander Hamilton has recently been accepted into King's College, and he's scared. He's never had friends growing up, and has too much to say at once. But will his over...
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Forever Yours by simplyhamilton
Forever Yoursby Angelica Hamilton
Sequel to I'm Yours Alex and John have just gotten married and are braving the real world. With the Squad by their side, can they manage to survive? Marriage, children...
  • lgbtq
  • alexanderhamilton
  • lams
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The Sweet Little Omega by Purple_Ghost_1782
The Sweet Little Omegaby My Dear Boy
Everyone loves John Laurens, they love what they see. They love the freckles and the silky curls. They love the eyes and the lips. They love the subtle curves and the ey...
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Freckles| Lams One Shots by LamsBaby
Freckles| Lams One Shotsby 🌸Bambii🌸
More Lams one shots! Warning: There is smut in this book! I put warnings at the top of chapters for people who don't want to read, so if oh don't like smut, you can skip...
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The Letter J /HAMILTON AU/ by pasteiie
The Letter J /HAMILTON AU/by ~Queenie~
In some weird way, the letter J had always kept Alexander up at night. Whether he was thinking about his father, James, how to one up Jefferson in speech and debate prac...
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Author's Bullshit by Purple_Ghost_1782
Author's Bullshitby My Dear Boy
THE SEQUEL OF "Random Crap"!
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Hamilton x Reader Oneshots by Vocalfangirl90
Hamilton x Reader Oneshotsby Punching Bag <3
A collection of random Hamilton X Reader one shots. Both AU, Modern and Hamiltime (Requests are always open!) Highest Rankings: #1 in Philip, August 5th 2018 #1 in hami...
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LAMS ONE-SHOTS by shinyquartz
Here's a bunch of LAMS one shots that nobody needs, but I'm writing anyways. ~~~~~~ This book has LGBTQ+ content, if you don't like it, you should probably just go. I d...
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He Is.  by Purple_Ghost_1782
He Is. by My Dear Boy
Alexis has a nice life. She has nice friends, a loving family, pets that haven't died, a worthy education. She feels like she should be happy, after all, why wouldn't sh...
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31 Reasons Why Lams Was Real by Purple_Ghost_1782
31 Reasons Why Lams Was Realby My Dear Boy
For this LGBT history month, I'm gonna post one reason to why Lams was real each day (if I don't forget) as a way to celebrate LGBT history! This is mostly gonna be base...
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