This is the SHORTEST ghostly and scariest story I have ever written so I hope you feel the thrill and enjoy it!

You can also read this to your friends and family during the Halloween night ^_^

Make sure the light is dim low and (I wouldn't recommend lighting candles though >.< Too dangerous so don't do it) and make sure there are no distractions such as music, chatting, moving around.

Just read it loud and clear but there are moments when you need to change your tone to make your listeners feel the scary thrill~ ^0^ Whether by deep voice, husky tone and blahh :)

This stories shouldn't be read on with children under 13 years of age. Some scenes can be scary for them so have them play in the other room (as long as they don't make a lot of noise, it's no problem ^_^)


Firstly, This story is for fun and no, it's not true! NOT Suitable for Kids under 13!!!

Secondly, This is a THIRD person story. Well, it was supposed to be -___-

Thirdly, Don't worry, if your name or the name you chose AS YOUR name didn't appear here, it will appear soon in the other parts. For now, we must focus on the story line and let it FLOW~ *winks *

 ^This was last year. There were people asking to be have a part of this story whether if its cameo, extras, main characters etc. I had to add everyone xD

(Tips to scare people: Try to change your tone when you read. Make it slow and low. Make it also deep and a little loud. Remember, YOU are reading the story!!)

[ This is IMPORTANT! ]

Description paragraph - when you are reading a description paragraph to people on Halloween night, make sure it is small and short. Simply say a few adjectives and blahh. The long description paragraphs are for an ACTUAL story for viewers online. ^_^'' People that you are reading this story to tend to get bored halfway!!

Enjoy reading! ^_^


The Dared Game With The Seven Players


Three days earlier...

A girl, that loves adventure, took a hike deep in the woods one late afternoon. The tall thin trees that overtook her shadow was like the feeling of being hug by something. Something errie.

You can't see it.

Neither can you hear it.

But you can feel its hug.

Firm yet heavy.

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