§: The Dare Game With The Seven Players : ∫Horror∫ : [COMPLETED]

§: The Dare Game With The Seven Players : ∫Horror∫ : [COMPLETED]

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Riela or Yra (Aira) By Riela_pollie Completed

There are seven players in the game. All are sixteen and each are given a dare by someone beyond the grave. Ignore the dare. The death will chase you and kill you itself.

If you survive the game, Congratulations. 

If not, then you are unlucky. And stupid enough to not fight your way out of the game.

If you give up halfway, you MUST accept the Sudden Dare and survive your way out.

If you ran away when you are given the role of a player, you're dead. 

Unable to believe the curse? Try ignoring the dare and freak accidents will happen any time to you and they are within the inventor of the game's power.

If chosen, I suggest you play smart and stay strong until the game is labelled as...