°•.Chapter 15.•°

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Third Person

It was like the Titan of Time all over again. The days passed by in a flash, and when everyone realized it, three days have already passed.

Right before the campers went back to their activities, another meeting was called. The instructors had to entrust their jobs to the one they trusted would do the job well, since most of them are counselors.

Back at the Ping Pong table where the meetings are held, everyone is currently staring at the empty space before them, not speaking at all. It occurred to some that they seem like they're just wasting time, which is very precious as of now because the attack could happen at any moment.

Finally, Jason Grace broke the ice. He just came to a realization, and decided to voice it out loud. "I was just thinking, why aren't we informing the Romans about the situation yet?"

Most looked up, as if also coming to terms with that thought. One even face palmed.

"How stupid," the guy muttered to himself. "They could've helped us."

"Either way," Spring spoke up, carefully eyeing the knife she had in her hand. "Even if they do help us, they need to defend their home from possible attacks, too. And this is our problem, not theirs. We're the one being attacked, not them."

Silence reigned once again as soon as the Season made her point clear. It was true, not a lot of them wants to burden their Roman friends with their own problems.

"Better yet, I suggest we start planning our move now," Annabeth spoke up as her gray eyes pierced the center of the table. Some could've sworn they saw a hole there.

"I must agree," the centaur that's also present spoke up. "We have until tonight to wait. Are all the campers prepared for battle?"

"Some are getting quite decent," Paenitet put in. "I'm sure they'd manage to hold the enemies at this point."

The other instructors also gave their own reports about the campers they were told to train. In the end, it seemed like the hardwork bore a decent fruit.

Once again, everyone fell silent again, having nothing else to say.

They looked at each other, raising their eyebrows at their friends. Finally, Synn decided to say the thing that had been bothering her the whole time.

"What if they don't attack?" She asked.

This question made the others frown. "But the plan you copied said that they would," said Will, who is thankfully present. No one wanted to deal with Logan at this point of the game.

"Yeah, but there's the probability that they changed the plan when they came to the assumption that I saw it."

Annabeth finally took her eyes off the table. She glanced at everyone, her eyes pausing slightly at Synn. "We'll still carry on with the plan to intercept them. As we talked about last time, if they don't attack until night, we go out to the tunnel and try surprise them."

Satisfied with this answer, Synn slumped back to her seat.

As the other counselors decide about which cabin is stationed at that part of the forest and who leads them, they all missed the moment when a glint appeared on the eyes of one of the people sitting with them.

"Oh, I can't wait for this game to start."
After everyone was stationed to atleast one place and the meeting was dismissed, the people Chaos sent to help decided to meet each other at Winter's room.

Unlike during the meeting, they are currently conversing with each other. They told of their previous training that they did to suit their roles.

"So how did you become commander?"

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