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Breaking Point by mddumbookfan
Breaking Pointby Delilah
"Percy?" Annabeth said, looking at him in concern, "Are you okay?" "Yeah," he breathed, "I just-" Percy's sentence cut off as he...
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Half Breeds at Hogwarts by ZachHorowitz
Half Breeds at Hogwartsby King of Hades
My friends said they are having a hard time reading this on so I am also putting it here for them. The seven, plus Nico and Thalia, go to Hogwarts to pro...
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UNLIKELY LOVE [tratie]  by neonblacck
UNLIKELY LOVE [tratie] by neon blacck ™
This is the story of Katie Gardner daughter of Demeter and Travis Stoll son of Hermes. How their love grew and how they started out as enemies but ended up falling for e...
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The Beginning of the End (The Seven Meet the Avengers) by dragons7
The Beginning of the End (The dragons7
"Who is this kid?" I muttered to Steve. The Captain shrugs, and watches as the teenager goes head to head with Natasha and Clint. The kid seems to concentrate...
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Teacher, Not Hero (femPercy Jackson X YJ) by hppjmxrgosg
Teacher, Not Hero (femPercy hppjmxrgosg
Percy Jackson was tired of the hero gig. It was bloody and messy and had only ever left her bodies to count and memories she wished she could forget. After being impriso...
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Random PJO/HoO by AsianFeelingAsian
I Aᴄᴄɪᴅᴇɴᴛᴀʟʟʏ Fᴀɴɢɪʀʟ Oᴠᴇʀ Mʏ Pʀᴇ-Aʟɢᴇʙʀᴀ Tᴇᴀᴄʜᴇʀ (I Accidentally Fangirl Over My Pre-Algebra Teacher) Look, I didn't want to be a fangirl. If you're reading this beca...
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Mortals Meet Percabeth {Percy Jackson} by the_lost_author
Mortals Meet Percabeth {Percy Me;)
Just another cliché mortals meeting Percabeth story. //Disclaimer: All characters except my oc's belong to Rick Riordan// Highest ranking(s): #1 in #percabeth #1 in #ha...
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Percabeth One Shots And Drabbles by SeaSickFish
Percabeth One Shots And Drabblesby Ratan
Just your average one shot book, nothing more, nothing less. || Highest Ranking- #483 in FanFiction, #2 in percabeth.|| Disclaimer: I own nothing.
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The Clueless Mortals (fin.) by ScipioThePegasus
The Clueless Mortals (fin.)by gatorade hair
Another cliche 'Meet the demigods' story. Enjoy! FINISHED
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Percabeth One-Shots by hsk2601
Percabeth One-Shotsby Kingsley
Basically what the title says. Just some fluff with Percy and Annabeth. Edit: This work was originally published in 2016 and I have been continuing it since then, and I...
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Hidden Scars by RedRobyn2
Hidden Scarsby RedRobyn2
When Percy's friends see his scars, they are shocked to find out that his past wasn't as perfect as he made it seem. Percy's worried to admit how he got his scars as he...
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The Fallen Hero Of Olympus (Percy Jackson & DC Crossover) - Being Rewritten by luko_uliuli
The Fallen Hero Of Olympus ( Kai
During the Second Giant War, the battle with Gaea, Percy lost his friends, the seven, even his wise girl. The demigods had won, Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter, and the O...
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Alone - A House of Hades Rewrite by ForeverFandomer
Alone - A House of Hades Rewriteby in squad we trust
What if Percy fell into Tartarus alone? Will the remainder of the seven and Nico be able to make the journey to close the doors of death and rescue their friend from the...
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Dam, We're Laughing Again by the_akward_fangirl
Dam, We're Laughing Againby the_akward_fangirl
{Third installment of the joke books} If you are looking for a way to waste ten seconds of your life with something Percy Jackson related, you're in the right place! A f...
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Solangelo at Hogwarts by Violet_Exorcist
Solangelo at Hogwartsby Oli~~
So this is a story of Solangelo. It talks about how they go to Hogwarts. There is fluff and heartbreaking moments. NO SMUT. Not only have I never read smut, but also I d...
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The Tail  by Manang15
The Tail by Artemis Fox Jackson
When Percy Jackson goes to Australia for a vacation, he stumbles upon a certain pool in a volcano. Will he find it's secrets and the Mermaids in it? The four mermaids...
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Lost by jasminebauer7
Lostby Jasmine Mia Bauer
Everyone that Percy Jackson loves is dead. Leo, Frank, Hazel, Piper, Jason, Nico, Thalia, Reyna and even Annabeth. And to top it off, S.H.I.E.L.D, a secret government or...
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Percy Jackson & HoO Funnies 2  by GeekGoddess-
Percy Jackson & HoO Funnies 2 by ∵Cat∴
Funny, great, but not mine. Funny and great headcannons and jokes But none of them are mine. All credit goes to who wrote them. Started on: September 10th 2017 Completed...
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The Elementals - Percy Jackson by OcEaNm4n
The Elementals - Percy Jacksonby Water_Is_My_Element
Perseus 'Percy' Jackson, the hero of Olympus, the savior of the demigod's and the gods, along with the six greatest demigod's to ever live, Percy was one of those. Howev...
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Shattered - Perseus Jackson by OcEaNm4n
Shattered - Perseus Jacksonby Water_Is_My_Element
They forgot about the hero of olden times, they forget about the one who saved their sorry arses. They forgot him, they forgot him. The hero of old was reduced to but a...
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