°•.Chapter 3.•°

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Chaos vanished. I grumbled under my breath. Then, I faced the two. "So," I began. "What now?"

The other two stared at me incredulously. I raised my arms.

"Are you just an idiot?" Autumn asked me. "Or you didn't really heard what Chaos said?"

Spring glared at me. "As far as I can recall, he even protested."

I sighed, exasperated. "Guys," I began. "I meant, who would start first."

Autumn shrugged and waved her hands. Then, her enchantment disappeared. The next moment, an olive skinned girl with dark hair and eyes is standing next to me.

Spring gasped. "B-Bianca?!"

The said girl turned and smiled at her. "Yes, that's my name."

Suddenly, Spring seemed eager to reveal herself and happy. She did the same process Autumn did, and her hair turned black. Her eyes became volcanic, which struck me with familiarity. "Zoë Nightshade. Former lieutenant of Artemis."

My shoulders dropped in sadness. I thought it would be her, judging by her eyes. But turns out not.

Bianca someone decided to introduce herself. "Bianca di Angelo. Sister of Nico di Angelo, and Hunter of Artemis."

My jaw dropped. Nico has a sister? In fairness! The demigod doesn't look like it.

But I realized that both of them are looking at me. I cleared my throat in embarrassment, before waving my hand. My enchantment collapsed.

"Hey guys. Name's Leo Valdez, one of the Seven, builder of the Argo II, and son of Hephaestus."

I said those words with pride, but the two just looked at me, confused. "What's the 'Argo II'? And the Seven?"

"Nothing of importance," a new voice said.

All of us turned and saw that boy that commanded the cold. He was leaning there at the tree, no sign of amusement on his face. Though, his eyes seemed a little happy.

He walked over to us, and sighed. "Look, I need to make this quick. Thankfully, Chaos spared me from saying my FULL title, so even though I'm not going to announce everything, no interruptions, please. Plus, we have a fight to attend."

After saying that, his whole figure melted. But a new form took over. His pale skin became deeply tanned. His hair turned black. But those eyes shocked me most.

Sea-green eyes.

"I am Perseus Jackson."
As we were fighting, the other campers had arrived. They immediately launched into action and began fighting to help us. Thank the gods.

For a few minutes, Annabeth had been behind me. But she soon disappeared in the mob of both campers and monsters. Jason took his place. He gave me an encouraging nod, and kept on fighting.

But he too vanished and was replaced by his sister. Thalia Grace fought behind me, and we both fend off the monsters that tried to attack the other.

Unfortunately, the monsters had reinforcements. A new wave of those came from different places. Some from the trees, some from the sea. Almost all campers fought harder, hoping to stop the fight.

Just then, the monsters stopped and retreated. Well, not really. They just stopped fighting and backed away.

At first, all of us are confused. Annabeth, Jason, Thalia, Nico, Grover, and Clarisse went next to me. All of them had their guards up, their weapons raised slightly.

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