°•.Chapter 2.•°

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Third Person

A sigh came from a girl as she watch the scene by a crystal ball unfold before her. She has straight black hair with purple tips. Her eyes were the color of the void. Black. No white in her eyes. Just black.

"Chaos just had to show him that, huh?" The boy beside her said, shaking his head. This one had blonde hair and blue eyes. "She never really know what the word 'good timing' meant."

"Calm down, Paenitet," the girl said, her eyes scanning the ball in front of her. "She need to calm him down, that's all."

The man called Paenitet snorted. "Calm down?" He asked. "That just seemed to make him angrier about the fact that he needs to go back to that CAMP!"

The girl rolled her eyes. "Oh, come on," she said. "Just because even you has a history with then, doesn't mean you won't go, too."

"Both if us has a past that contains them, Synn."

"Don't remind me," Synn muttered before waving her hand, causing the crystal ball to disappear. Then, she looked at the doors, which opened.

"Seems like you've reached a decision already," the newcomer said.

Paenitet scowled. "Yeah. But just because Synn here forced me to-"

"We had reached a decision, Chaos," Synn said. Chaos raised an eyebrow. "Do tell."

"We are going to help them."

Chaos nodded, satisfied. She smiled at the two in front of her. "Do not let me down."

Paenitet and Synn nodded. Then, together, they spoke. "We won't."

"I am your Assassin," Paenitet said.

"And I am your Lieutenant," Synn continued.

"You can trust us."

"Faster!" I heard Clarisse say as she continued on training the campers. "Don't tell me that's your limit already! Twenty more repetitions!"

Groans can be heard as I passed the sword fighting areana. I headed to the beach, and watched as the children of the sea god trains with their powers.

My eyes gazed at the sea longingly. Even if it is in its original state, it seems sad. It always is. Especially after he disappeared...

I never knew that his disappearance would cause so much changes. The Big Three dropped the 'No Children' vow and had other kids. All immortal head counselors and their right hand were turned immortal. Even the gods were visiting their children once a week.

"Annabeth!" A voice call out. I turned my head slightly as the speaker sat next to me. A familiar spiky haired daughter of Zeus.

"Everything seems so sad," she murmured. Then, she looked at me, her eyes looking directly to mine. "Stop beating yourself up."

"I'm not," I answered quickly.

Thalia snorted. "Do you think I hadn't noticed that you rarely talk to anyone. And you always seem off, like your thinking something else. Plus, Malcolm told me that you never sleep at night! Looks at what heartbreak did to you!"

"Alright!" I gave in. "Fine, I am beating myself up! I'm the reason he left, after all!"

My best friend's eyes softened. She looked at the children of Poseidon whose practicing their powers. "All of us regretted it, Annie."

I ignored the nickname and looked at the two kids. They both had dark hair and they were helping each other. A wave of pain hit me.

"Not just him, Thalia," I said, tears forming to my eyes. "She is missing because of us, too."

Thalia wrapped her arms around me, trying to comfort me. But that made me cry harder. And I knew that no one can comfort me, as much as the two lost siblings can. I sobbed.

"We had too many faults. We drove them away..."

The campers around the beach realized that we're there. One of them walked forward. One of the two siblings I am looking at before.

"Why are you crying?" He asked, his eyes held confusion.

Thalia looked at him as if remembering something. She smiled. "It's nothing."

The kid looked unsure. He turned and began walking away when I called him back. "What's your name?"

The boy looked back and his sister went beside him. "My name is Caspian."

I turned to the girl and smiled just like my ex-boyfriend would do. "How about you?"


I nodded at the two, and they walked off. Then, Thalia sighed and stood up. "I don't know about you, but I'm going to the Archery Range to practice."

When she got no reply, Thalia rolled her eyes. "Just get over, okay?"

"Get over?" I asked. "How can I do that? He has been with me since I was twelve. I lost him once, Thalia. I can't bear to lose him again."

Thalia was silent for a few minutes before she spoke up.

"Listen, Annabeth Chase," she said, facing me again. "I do know how you feel. Ever since L-Luke..."

She faltered at the name. I can see tears forming in her eyes, but she blinked them away. Then, she continued. "Percy, he's been my brother and cousin ever since that time he helped me when he met me. I know how it feels."

It is the first time someone said his name in front of me since he left. My eyes stung at hearing his name, but I forced my pain away.

"He's the most loyal person I ever knew," a voice behind me said.

Both of us turned and saw Jason and Piper walking in our direction. Piper smiled sadly at me, telling me that it is she who spoke.

"And he always helps me," Jason began. "I just can't believe that we will lose another member. First is Leo...now him."

Piper looked ready to break any moment. I'm pretty sure I looked the same. Fortunately (and unfortunately too), the conch horn blew three times, signalising an attack. Thalia looked relieved to get away from the drama and fly to action. So we ran to the hill.

We stopped next to the Stoll brothers. "How many monsters are there?" Jason asked them.

Conner frowned. "I heard there were about one thousand, six hundred five. That contains Laistrygonian Giants, earthborns, telkhines, drakons, and dracaena."

Behind me, Clarisse and Chris arrived. "What's going on?" The daughter of Ares demanded.

Chris looked relieved to be into battle. He looked to me and mouthed: She almost killed the younger campers from exhaustion.

I shook my head and unsheathed my drakon bone dagger. I lost my other one once (long story) and this is all I have now.

When fighting, I'm used to have Percy by my side. But right now, he's gone. And he probably wasn't coming back soon.

I caught Piper's eye, and together, we charged into battle.

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