°•.Chapter 11.•°

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Tonight is the moment. The 'oh-so-feared' Assassin would be revealing who he truly is. Pfft. I couldn't care less about that male. All I could thinks about is about the lieutenant.

What did she mean by, 'It's a ruse!' Personally, I wouldn't care about the daughter of that slutty goddess, but what made me worried is her condition. She's a girl after all, and the place is too dark for us to even see what's happening.

She made me uneasy.

There's just something about this girl that I can't put my finger on. Like I knew her better than the old head counselor of the Aphrodite cabin...

"Spring!" I heard a voice call me. Autumn. "Are you really going to miss the unveiling? Are you letting the moment of seeing the campers' reaction pass easily?"

For some reason, the two of us began calling the it 'The Unveiling'. I grinned at her. "Absolutely not!"

I jogged over to my comrade, and together, we walked on the Amphitheatre. The others are already there, talking to themselves.

Bianca sat down next to Summer (since it is the only spot, and there is no way I'm sitting next to a boy), and I settled down next to her.

After about twenty-five minutes of waiting, everyone else arrived, and the Assassin (who's wearing a hood tonight) shifted nervously.

The immortal centaur trotted over to the centre, and addressesld everyone. "Heroes! Tonight, we gather to say to see the Assassin of Chaos show his face to us, as requested by the lieutenant." Nakamura glanced at us unsurely. Chiron turned to him, gesturing him to come over.

The boy stood up and stood next to the centaur. He coughed awkwardly. "Um...hey."

Silence followed his words.

"So, I know not most of us really trusted me, or the others, so I'm here right now, telling all of you who I really am."

His gaze shifted to us, then back at his audience. "To be honest, I never thought I'd be telling everyone who I am," he confessed. "But I know all of you hate long talks, so I'll just get to the point."

He's right. I'm getting awfully impatient. This is so boring! I would rather shoot those pathetic excuse of males than to listen here.

And he dropped his hood.

Along with the hood, down came the jaws.

This reveal started a commotion.

"He shouldn't be here!"

"He was son Kronos's side on the last war!"

"How is he still alive?"

"I thought he died!"

"What is that guy doing here?"

"Who is he?"

Thankfully, Chiron stomped his hoof to gain everyone's attention once again. Nakamura cleared his throat rather awkwardly, and said, "So, Synn also asked me to tell everyone who she is—"

"Don't worry," a soft voice spoke from the back. "I'll take it from here."

Eyes turned towards the speaker, and the campers parted. There stood the lieutenant.

She has few cuts and bruises here and there, but it seemed like she got new clothes. Synn also has a slight limp.

"Synn?" Paenitet asked hesitantly. "How are you here?"

The woman smiled weakly. "Fortunately, I managed to escape Chaos and heal myself."

Everyone started muttering at once. The Army, Seasons, Assassin, and I stared at her. "What do you mean?" I asked timidly.

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