°•.Chapter 14.•°

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I was walking around with no particular destination in mind. For the past few hours, there has been nothing to do around the camp, so we were told to train them. However, I refused and handed the responsibility to Winter, who's just as good as me when it came to swordfighting. But of course, I've got more tricks up my sleeve than him.

During my walk, I can hear Spring's frustration at the campers as she tried teaching them archery with Autumn.

I snickered slightly, knowing that she's probably trying to teach the Apollo campers now. I was informed of how much she dislikes Apollo, and probably his children, too.

When I took a good look around, it occurred to me that I was near the forest. Shrugging, I entered the place.

For some reason, the woods seem darker than I remembered. The trees seems to have gotten taller, and although it is still afternoon, the sunlight barely reached the ground.

Frowning, I continued on my way, familiarizing myself with the area once again. I have not been around for so long that I have forgotten some parts of it. But as soon as I passed the spots I forgot about, my memories of it came back.

I stopped suddenly, looking at the enormous boulder infront of me. It has been here for so long that it's a wonder how it never split apart. Like before, it looks like animal waste piled up to form some kind of shape.

"Zeus's Fist," I whispered to myself, a small grin creeping towards my face.

I remembered the old entrance to the Labyrinth, and began wondering if it still exists. After all, I saw it crumble to dust when its creator died.

Suddenly, I sound reached my ears, and I whipped my head towards the direction of the noise. I saw none, but I am not taking any chances.

Cautiously, I placed my hand on the hilt of my blade, ready to unsheath it. I walked towards the direction, careful to not make any noise.

As I approached the spot, I realized that it is covered by a bush. I immediately made up my mind and sliced the bush down.

I was ready for someone to ambush me, but I only saw a hologram of some sort flicking, making it unable to see what it was all about. With a start, I realized that it is an Iris Message.

"What the hell?" I said under my breath, keeping my eyes trained on the IM, and not sheathing my sword.

But then, it flickered one last time, before finally disappearing.


I let out a sigh, watching as the campers lunge at their partners. How nice of Paenitet to leave me here alone to teach the campers.

"Um...Winter, right?" A voice asked.

I turned my head to the speaker. He's a brown haired boy, and a younger girl stood behind him. They must be siblings, seeing as they have the same blue eyes.

I raised an eyebrow at them. "What's the matter?"

"It's my sister here," the older one said. "You were teaching us swordfighting, but my sister uses a dagger..."

"You want me to teach her?" I asked, and the boy flushed.

"Well, not want...I was only wondering if you could. After all, she doesn't want to try archery, because she really idolizes our older brother, and he's really good at sword fighting, but I told her not to use a sword because it might be too heavy for her—"

By some miracle, it occurred to me that a small smile was plastered on my face. I quickly got rid of it, hoping no one noticed.

"Alright, kid," I said. "Why not partner up with someone else for the meantime? I'll teach your sister."

A bright smile crossed the siblings' faces. With a cheery 'thank you', the male ran off. The young girl was left standing there.

She looked at me, unsure.

"What's your name?" I asked her.

"Coventina," she answered, her voice slightly timid.

I sighed mentally, thinking that I'm not really cut out for this. "May I see your dagger for a second?"

She nodded and gave her dagger to me. I took it from her and studied it. Then, I flipped the dagger once and caught it.

The girl let out a slight gasp, her eyes wide in shock. I realized what I just did, and tried to reassure her. "It's fine, I won't cut myself," I told her. "I'm only trying to get the weight of the blade. But don't try this yourself. Your brother will get mad at me."

She nodded once again. This time, more hesitantly.

I returned her weapon back to her, and she took it. I told her to show me her stance, which she did.

"Don't hold it with your two hands," I told her. "A dagger is for those who are quick on their feet. Unlike a sword, you need to get closer to your opponent before you can attack them, unless you throw your dagger, of course."

Coventina frowned and removed her left hand from the hilt.

I continued correcting her, until someone walked up beside me. I glanced at the newcomer, and saw Paenitet.

"Who're you?" He asked the girl. "And who's your godly parent?"

"Coventina," she answered. "And my dad is Poseidon."

My mouth almost dropped open. Certainly did not expect her answer.

I have a sister?!

Wait, that explains why her eyes looks sea blue. Although she doesn't have black hair, she and her brother's eyes are the color of the sea.

...wait, brother?

Well, isn't that amazing? I have a sister and a brother.

Paenitet tilted his head. "What about the vow? The No-Children thing?"

"Oh, they broke it," Coventina told us in a small voice. "They convinced the River Styx, and she rilented."

"You mean, relented?" The assassin asked beside me, confused.

The girl turned slightly red. "Yes," she answered, her voice close to a whisper. "I always hear my brother saying that, but I have no idea what it means."

A smile itched its way on Paenitet's face. I raised an eyebrow at him, but he ignored me.

"Are you trying to learn how to fight with a dagger?" He asked.

Once again, the girl nodded.

"You remind me of someone when she was young. How about I teach you instead?"

She looked uncomfortably unsure. "B-but my brother asked Winter, I'm not sure if—"

"No, it's fine," I told her. "I think you'd learn more from him. After all, he's the one originally assigned to teach everyone."

She blinked for a few moment, before nodding her head once again, and turning to the other guy who simply gestured at her to follow him.

I watched them, trying to take in the information I just received.

Does that mean I have more siblings?


After so long, I updated, and it's a filler chapter.

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