°•.Chapter 12.•°

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It has been a long time, hasn't it? Well, not much. Honestly, I never thought I was able to write this, even with my achievement test weighing on my shoulders.

Wow. That sounds...cliché-ish.

Oh well, this sucks. The only good thing might be the fact that I'm actually writing this chapter. Pray to the gods that I won't procrastinate while writing this... Also, you might want to blame a certain daughter of Hades named Yin Len/Veemy for giving me an unhealthy obsession with musicals.

Oh, and I'm going to address those groaning about the cliffhangers. Just a warning, I don't think my virus will be out soon. After all, I have more cliffhangers planed here on my head already. Especially for the ending...

Yes, it is already planned.

Now pushing all those aside, let's move onto the story!

I had a dream that night.

Everything around me is black. Darkness. I couldn't see anything, no matter where I look.

Then, I saw a small light. It was very faint that you won't even see it.

I edged closer towards the source of light. Suddenly, I was staring at an Iris Message. I frowned when I saw the Assassin's face. Then everyone at the background came to view.

My frown deepened.

"Why?" Paenitet was asking.

To my surprise, someone spoke up near me.

"We don't have much time!" A feminine voice whispered frantically, and he looked confused. "They're coming!"

"Who?" The Assassin asked.

"Them!" The girl said stressfully. "Something's wrong in here! And—"

By that time, I realised what is happening. This was around the time when Synn Iris Messeged the Assassin. The same moment when the connection cut off even before she got to finish what she's saying.

My eyes widened. This is my chance to find out what happened next! I thought.

I inched closer, trying to find Synn. Then, I saw her at the corner, near enough to the Iris Message to be seen. "It's a trap! A ruse!" She warned.

"I don't get it!"

"Listen to me! Don't trust them!"

"What should I not trust?" Ethan asked, worry evident on his tone. "And why are you whispering?"

I saw the Message flicker, and there was a silent noise nearby. Something I completely missed when I was with the campers.

"Don't trust h—!"

Someone slashed through the connection, and my breath hitched. So that's why the Message was cut off!

"Well, well, well," a creepy voice said. "Look what we have here."

I heard Synn let out a high-pitched scream, and she stumbled in my direction. I so desperately wanted to help her, but I know I can't, seeing this is just a dream.

"What do you want?" She demanded.

I took that moment to study her condition. Her clothes are torn, and her left cheek and right arm is bleeding. She's covered with cuts and bruises everywhere, and it seems like she's got a fractured leg.

I saw something move from the shadows, and there was a low chuckle. "Can't have you telling our plans now, don't we?"

Suddenly, a dark blue attacked Synn, and she let out another scream. That's when everything went black again.

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