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Taste Of Home (Taste of Sky Fanfiction) by JacklessRose
Taste Of Home (Taste of Sky Miss Alexys
You're my home, and I will always find a way back to you. [Highest Rank: No.1 in #ventrecanard & No.1 in #tasteofsky]
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Detroit Become Human (Connor x Reader) by LayceJ25
Detroit Become Human (Connor x RJ
(Y/N) is a detective for the Detroit Police Department. She had been partnered with Lt Hank Anderson for a few years now and she considers him as a father figure. Soon...
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Malfunction (DBH Connor x Reader) by brains_over_brawn
Malfunction (DBH Connor x Reader)by brains_over_brawn
You are Detective (y/n) Anderson, the daughter and partner of Lieutenant Hank Anderson. Until a string of android related homicide cases start popping up more frequently...
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The Seasonal Guardians (Percy Jackson FanFiction) by NaiaNosmas10
The Seasonal Guardians (Percy Crystal Woods
There once was a hero with a pure heart. A hero who would sacrifice himself just to save the people he loved. A hero who saved the world twice. A hero who deserved a pea...
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Son of Zeus by MYTHwriter1
Son of Zeusby mysterious-author
"Fanny thing Jackson" Luke said "that the one you trust the most betrayed you" '...he found a mirror. He seemed shocked (pun)' 'I, yet again, blushed...
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First Lieutenant Garreth Reilly IV of the United States Army never believed in inter racial relationships neither is he in favor of fixed marriages. At twenty six he has...
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100 Days With You by jenlisaislifue
100 Days With Youby Dyen Lee Suh
[JENLISA STORY] Wherein General Kim hired Lieutenant Lalisa Manoban to take care of his badass daughter, Jennie, for 100 days.If nothing happens in three months, Jennie...
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Reborn: Bleach Edition {Edited} by Moonlit_Dragon
Reborn: Bleach Edition {Edited}by ❀ Moonlit.Dragon ❀
I sigh once I realize I died. Isn't that just peachy? The ironic 'save a innocent boy from a car.' However, once I was reincarnate, I see this as a second chance. Reinca...
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Detroit : Become Human Oneshots by WomityNomity
Detroit : Become Human Oneshotsby Buttercup Bass Baby
Detroit Become Human Imagines, Oneshots, and Various Storylines. Requests are up and ready to be taken. The main character is Y/N, which is you. - Requests are open!
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My Dear Lieutenant by HarleyPerash
My Dear Lieutenantby Harley Perash
Two months after Serbian rebels killed Professor Howard Plummer, Lieutenant Shane Wolfe was sent to protect his children. The oldest was Maeve. What happens when she for...
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The Traitor's Wish by RachelmRandolph
The Traitor's Wishby Rachel Morgan
One moment can change your whole story. For Emma Swan that moment was long ago, if things had been different she may be running form the Evil Queen right now, with her m...
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Conner and Hank in Detroit by ShadowX1200
Conner and Hank in Detroitby ShadowX1200
Yes, I know. Such a creative name for a story. Anyway, this story is about Connor and Hank facing daily tasks together. Random things happen.. So.. 😂 There may also be...
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Alex Rider crossover - Hawaii-five-O by Rider_007
Alex Rider crossover - Rider_007
Alex is in Hawaii for a vacation. What he doesn't know is he is gonna start working again sooner than he has expected.
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The Girl Time Forgot (A Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy/ Star Trek Fanfic) by ShayG907
The Girl Time Forgot (A Dr. ShayG907
I don't know where or when I am. But I know him. Dr. Leonard McCoy. I fell through time for him and continue to fall...
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This is Forever! - A Dawsey Story Prequel by CrazyForChicago
This is Forever! - A Dawsey Katie
This story is a prequel to my favorite and most popular story " More Than A Family". This story will follow Dawsey before marriage. This story will be short li...
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Unfortunate Events|Owari no Seraph Fanfiction (Guren x Reader) by TacoTuesday222
Unfortunate Events|Owari no TacoTuesday222
You are a Lieutenant in the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and a member of the Moon Demon Company. You had been enlisted in the military for eight years and have been a pa...
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Become: Detroit Become Human - Hank x Connor by Ikethebrave
Become: Detroit Become Human - 💔rat boy💔
"What I'd really like to know," Fowler says slowly, disapproving gaze fixed on Connor while Hank wheezes and tries to smother his laughter, "is why Detect...
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dangerous job with some dangerous love by lovechicago23
dangerous job with some lovechicago23
Armani barron comes from a long line of first responders, when she transferres from new york to chicago in tempt to run from old memories, and they follow her. will some...
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No Excuses by LawrenceKinden
No Excusesby LawrenceKinden
[Story Depicts Spanking]
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Detroit: Become Human, Another Lieutenant  by Rap_Monster_23
Detroit: Become Human, Another Rap_Monster_23
My name is Y/N Manfred, second child of Carl Manfred, the only girl in the family. I had my perfect life... Dad... My fiancee... Markus... Leo... _________________...
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