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Inferno by Lucigurl13
Infernoby Lucigurl13
This is the 4th book in the Embers' series. If you have not yet read, please read Embers, Extinguished, and Cinders before coming back to this one! Follow Ellie and Tayl...
Son of Zeus by MYTHwriter1
Son of Zeusby mysterious-author
"Fanny thing Jackson" Luke said "that the one you trust the most betrayed you" '...he found a mirror. He seemed shocked (pun)' 'I, yet again, blushed...
Detroit Become Human (Connor x Reader) by LayceJ25
Detroit Become Human (Connor x RJ
(Y/N) is a detective for the Detroit Police Department. She had been partnered with Lt Hank Anderson for a few years now and she considers him as a father figure. Soon...
Going Against My Orders by MichelleSimpkin7
Going Against My Ordersby Michelle Simpkin
Callie is a sergeant and her and her team are kidnapped by terrorists. Her dad who is the Lieutenant asks Elliot team to find them. Can they find her? How will Callie r...
Malfunction (DBH Connor x Reader) by brains_over_brawn
Malfunction (DBH Connor x Reader)by brains_over_brawn
You are Detective (y/n) Anderson, the daughter and partner of Lieutenant Hank Anderson. Until a string of android related homicide cases start popping up more frequently...
Taste Of Home (Taste of Sky Fanfiction) by JacklessRose
Taste Of Home (Taste of Sky 🦋 El 🦋
You're my home, and I will always find a way back to you. [Highest Rank: No.1 in #ventrecanard & No.1 in #tasteofsky] Cover not mine. Credits to the rightful owner.
The Seasonal Guardians (Percy Jackson FanFiction) by NaiaNosmas10
The Seasonal Guardians (Percy Crystal Woods
There once was a hero with a pure heart. A hero who would sacrifice himself just to save the people he loved. A hero who saved the world twice. A hero who deserved a pea...
My Dear Lieutenant by HarleyPerash
My Dear Lieutenantby Harley Perash
Two months after Serbian rebels killed Professor Howard Plummer, Lieutenant Shane Wolfe was sent to protect his children. The oldest was Maeve. What happens when she for...
Unfortunate Events|Owari no Seraph Fanfiction (Guren x Reader) by TacoTuesday222
Unfortunate Events|Owari no TacoTuesday222
You are a Lieutenant in the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and a member of the Moon Demon Company. You had been enlisted in the military for eight years and have been a pa...
Roach by American_Glory
Roachby That Girl Glory
"I promise I'll come back in once piece." After the death of his father, Gary "Roach" Sanderson thought that he should join the military just like h...
Belonging by ninasweet998
Belongingby Nina
[First Book] Emiko Kurosaki is a 15 year old teen who has no memory of her past. All she remembers was waking up on the streets, at the age of seven, cold, confused, and...
Control • Chicago Fire. by buckley-
Control • Chicago 𝐀☆
"It's not what you say to everyone else that determines your life; it's what you whisper to yourself that has the greatest power." [ᴄʜɪᴄᴀɢᴏ ꜰɪʀᴇ ꜱᴇᴀꜱᴏɴ 1-?] ᴋ...
Become: Detroit Become Human - Hank x Connor by Ikethebrave
Become: Detroit Become Human - rat boy
"What I'd really like to know," Fowler says slowly, disapproving gaze fixed on Connor while Hank wheezes and tries to smother his laughter, "is why Detect...
100 Days With You by jenlisaislifue
100 Days With Youby Lyn
[JENLISA STORY] Wherein General Kim hired Lieutenant Lalisa Manoban to take care of his badass daughter, Jennie, for 100 days.If nothing happens in three months, Jennie...
You Make Me Brave by rowater_chexton
You Make Me Braveby Destinee
Kevin Atwater is undercover as a bouncer in a club when he meets a dancer named Vanessa Rojas who is also undercover. When the owner beats Vanessa up and she ends up in...
Band of brothers        Ronald Speirs x OC  by Grudzia46
Band of brothers Ronald Grudzia46
[It was a normal quiet night for Officer Speirs...until he heard shuffling in the aid station.] < UNDER HEAVY EDITING > Ronald Speirs x OC This story is about a th...
More Than A Machine (Connor x fem reader) by FoxyGamer713
More Than A Machine (Connor x Em
Warning: swearing. I do not own Detroit: Become Human or any of the characters. Also, a lot of the dialogue is taken from the game but I still added original parts, I ju...
Alex Rider crossover - Hawaii-five-O by Rider_007
Alex Rider crossover - Rider_007
Alex is in Hawaii for a vacation. What he doesn't know is he is gonna start working again sooner than he has expected.
Detroit : Become Human Oneshots by imreallykindagaytho
Detroit : Become Human Oneshotsby wafe
Detroit Become Human Imagines, Oneshots, and Various Storylines. Requests are up and ready to be taken. The main character is Y/N, which is you. - Requests are open!
McRoll Oneshots  by hellorflying
McRoll Oneshots by maja
These oneshots are loosely connected and cover a time span from pre-series to the finale and beyond that. There's a short summary included at the beginning of each chapt...