The Seasons of Chaos by Scarlet-Ink
The Seasons of Chaosby Scarlet-Ink
After being betrayed by majority of his friends and having his family killed, Percy Jackson joins the army of Chaos and becomes progressively colder and harder. Three ce...
  • percy
  • friendship
  • leo
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Great Sinner Queen [Death and the Maiden, #2] by larissajay
Great Sinner Queen [Death and the...by Larissa Jane 👩🏼‍⚕️
The Bride of Death returns in the sequel to Little Saint Bride... HECATE'S CURSE IS LOOMING. Nerissa has been reunited with Nathaniel, her brother, but at a cost: Merce...
  • myth
  • fantasy
  • love
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Breathe Again | On Hold by EmSlough
Breathe Again | On Holdby em | 남 상아
[A 2017 Wattys Award Winner] In which Hannah Jung, with the help of Xavier Park, learns to breathe again.
  • emslough
  • drowning
  • heartbreak
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Jay x Daniel - You Came With the Spring by ANIMEfreakONE
Jay x Daniel - You Came With the S...by Dream
Sitting on the sidelines was okay. That's just the way it was for Jay. He didn't need anyone or anything. Until Daniel transfered to his school. That was when Jay real...
  • daniel
  • bl
  • spring
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Love with Darkness [Poetry]  by KRosalle
Love with Darkness [Poetry] by kn
"Your tears were meant to water my soul, Your screams were meant to sound music to me, Your blood was meant to fill...
  • words
  • heartbreak
  • fantasy
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[Jimin ff] Spring Day by stha2501
[Jimin ff] Spring Dayby Btsarmy
??? POV W-What h-happened?! W-Why is i-it s-so cold? ~ Started: Oct 13, 2018 Ended:... Cover by: @BTS_FAN_1
  • prince
  • btsff
  • fanfiction
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lovely | fillie by lmaoitsrose
lovely | fillieby rose
in which two teenagers find each other and themselves. (lowercase intended) started: june 21, 2018
  • boy
  • finnwolfhard
  • romance
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The Spring Awards 2018 ||judges/entries needed|| by Diyasingh03
The Spring Awards 2018 ||judges/en...by 𝒟𝒾𝓎𝒶 the OREO lover!
#1 in wpawards #2 in exclusive #3in sticker ||Looking for recognition, votes , comments etc. ? Well here are the awards no different from the rest or is it? Spread the w...
  • exclusive
  • wpawards
  • bestbook
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The Awaited SPRING.! by docritu99
The Awaited SPRING.!by docritu99
Some see it as SPRING, Some see it as OPPORTUNITY, An opportunity to start something new and trust in the Magic of Beginings.! An opprtunity to lay your Faith in Fate, a...
  • naamkarann
  • generalfiction
  • flatmate
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Kingdom of Ash by DaisyDoesNothing
Kingdom of Ashby Daisy S
"A Queen is not afraid to give her life. A Queen must fall with her kingdom." The Queen of the Spring casters can summon great lightning storms with a blink of...
  • queens
  • fantasy-romance
  • elf
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Holiday And Seasonal by JaszmeneSmith
Holiday And Seasonalby JaszmeneSmith
This is a poem about the holidays and seasons. I know it's a weird title.
  • poetry
  • autumn
  • poemcollection
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Broken Flower by Underlander261
Broken Flowerby Overlord
Riley O'Brien is just trying to survive high school alongside his best friend, Jason, but everything keeps falling apart around him. His father's drinking is getting wor...
  • flower
  • abusivefather
  • bisexual
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The Big 4 by AnnabellaLily
The Big 4by P.I.Z
What's up everyone Annabellalily here and this a story that I'll be working on and there'll be a few crossovers from Dreamworks and Disney. For some people who have no...
  • dreams
  • summer
  • ursula
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12 Month Shorts (Stories #1-12) by PikaKris17
12 Month Shorts (Stories #1-12)by Kris
(12 Month Short Story Series) A/N: *Updates at the end of every Month* -Ain't No Backing Down January (Jane) Borealis "Giving up is for Rookies..." * -Minor De...
  • seasons
  • shortstory
  • holidays
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Candy Desserts by QueensofBaking
Candy Dessertsby Hannah - Hailey
Got leftover candy from Halloween or any other holiday? Looking for a good Fudge Recipe? In this book you will find what to make with leftover candies from the holidays...
  • eggs
  • bars
  • christmas
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ROMANCE AWARDS  by wolfyy_llama_emy_
Open |✅| Judging || Closed || Awards are hosted every three months. The winter collection No. 1 judging will begin as soon as it gets full. Only accepts English romance...
  • summer
  • books
  • awards
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TWELVE | bg applyfic by sadistfilms
TWELVE | bg applyficby ★
《OPEN》❝what are you guys, twelve?❞ ❝actually... we are.❞ in which a boy group based on the months are released, and help bring a new era to music.
  • boygroup
  • spring
  • summer
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Crush Next Door by msythkrdi
Crush Next Doorby ♥
Park Sohye, a typical college girl, that misses her first love that moves to London a few years ago. Then, she meets a person that remind her about him. It's hard for he...
  • lovestory
  • love
  • crushnextdoor
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Poetry  by lilaharris148
Poetry by lilaharris148
A bundle of random poems!!
  • spring
  • weather
  • randomthoughts
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Cold Without You - II by TheOssuary
Cold Without You - IIby Sailor
I filled my first collection of poetry to the point that it wouldn't let me add anymore . . . so here's the second addition of Cold Without You.
  • poetry
  • loss
  • love
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