°•.Chapter 13.•°

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The moment Chiron dismissed everyone, I was the first one out.

I ignored the stares that the others shot in my direction, and immediately headed for the woods.

I need to clear my head, I decided.

Now, most people would probably think I would rather show off in the Archery Range, or chase after Annabeth. Personally, I would do the former, if only I wasn't banned and is only allowed to enter when our lesson is archery.

Now about Annabeth, I'm sure she would very much miss me when I'm gone, but I'll come back for her later. I always do.

Soon enough, I skidded to a stop infront of a dead tree. Thinking the dryad that used to live there left already, I summoned my bow and arrow (only appears when needed, gift from Dad), and began firing.

Each shot hit its target precisely, proving how great I am at archery.

But of course, sword fighting is something I could never do. I tried holding a sword once, and almost ended up cutting myself to half.

I shot arrows one after the other, stopping only when I got exhausted. Another evidence of how hardworking I am.

Why can't Annabeth see that? Am I not good enough for her? Do I look ugly? Too muscular for her taste?

Why did she choose Jackson over me?

Now, most people might start arguing with me, saying that I was the one whom she chose.

Actually, there was a story behind that.

A few days before the incident, Annabeth accidentally found my hiding spot.  She noticed me sitting nearby, so she went over and talked to me until it was time for her to go.

The next day, she went to me and began talking to me again just like the day before. The same thing happened in the next days.

Slowly, I found myself falling for her.

On the day of the incident, Annabeth asked me to meet her at the forest.

I was making my way there, but the next thing I knew, I was blinking at the ceiling of our cabin, and everyone is glaring at me.

Somewhere from the distance, I heard the conch shell being blown, signalizing breakfast. I sighed, and made my weapon vanish from thin air, silently debating if I should skip, or not.

Oh well. Annabeth probably miss me already. Better not disappoint.


I sat down on the seat next to the lieutenant, letting out a sigh.

"What's up?" She asked as she bit the pancake on her fork.

"Nothing much." I summoned a simple toast, not really in the mood for calling a dyad over just to have breakfast.

She gave me a look, and gave her attention to her food.

Truthfully, I spent the previous hours kicking my bed because of what happened earlier.

Winter plopped down next to me with his cherry coke in hand. I swear that's the only thing he drinks.

"What were you doing earlier?" He asked me silently so that Synn wouldn't hear. "I can hear noises from your room. I almost barged in."

I laughed nervously. "Ha-ha. Don't worry about that. It's nothing."

He gave me a suspicious look. I actually expected him to try to get me to say why, but instead, he turned his head and began talking to Summer.

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