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Mortals Meet Percabeth {Percy Jackson} by the_lost_author
Mortals Meet Percabeth {Percy Jack...by Me;)
Just another cliché mortals meeting Percabeth story. //Disclaimer: All characters except my oc's belong to Rick Riordan// Highest ranking(s): #1 in #percabeth #1 in #ha...
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Dragon Descendants 2 by Cj_Writes04
Dragon Descendants 2by Cj_Writes04
ADD TO READING LIST FOR UPDATES!!!!!! Started 27/05/18 **************** Elena knew her life wasn't ever going to be normal again after the events that occurred two years...
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PJO & HoO Headcannons juju 7 J 8 F4! by Dileeeeeeeeeeee
PJO & HoO Headcannons juju 7 J 8 F...by Delveen
Hey folks! I thought of starting a book full of Headcannons and occasional OS' because I just loooooove them & yeah... I don't do 'Author's Notes' , I HATE THEM! Aaaand...
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The Exchange by live_life_with_books
The Exchangeby Em
Hebrew Translation Now Available ******** "You've literally just copied Hera, seriously aren't you gods inventive enough to come up with your own ideas?" Percy...
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The Angel and the Fairies by Yukimoto-Namikaze
The Angel and the Fairiesby Yuki
Angeles is a member of Fairy Tail that no one seems to get along with. It's not for lack of trying on their part but that the man wants nothing to do with them. How did...
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Trust Me (Tyrus) by LovinHaimster
Trust Me (Tyrus)by <3
[ ON HOLD ] It's High School now, and Cyrus Goodman is nothing but the sidekick friend of Buffy and Andi. Tj Kippen is still the best basketball player on their school's...
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Hi5 One Shots and Imagines by Zoramaeve
Hi5 One Shots and Imaginesby Zoramaeve
Ones shots and Imagines for the members of Hi5. Requests are open! **cover art designed by Taylor_Gomm
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The Seasonal Guardians (Percy Jackson FanFiction) by NaiaNosmas10
The Seasonal Guardians (Percy Jack...by Crystal Woods
There once was a hero with a pure heart. A hero who would sacrifice himself just to save the people he loved. A hero who saved the world twice. A hero who deserved a pea...
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Demigods Karaoke with the Olympians by VRJCR0828
Demigods Karaoke with the Olympiansby VR
Pretty much the title... Enjoy!!! Pjo characters are not mine, probably (if I make any) the ones I made but who cares about my characters, it all belong to Rick Riorda...
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😘adopted by queen and clarence 😘 by sammyjay05
😘adopted by queen and clarence 😘by sammyjay05
cj wanted a sister so they adopted a girl 🤩Read to find out🤩
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The Broken///Tyrus AU by s4dbxy
The Broken///Tyrus AUby Max :)
Please don't read this if you're easily triggered Andi is a heartbreaker. Buffy feels like they are in the wrong body. Cyrus is broken, and is told that every day. Jo...
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Kuriko?  by QuinneRafael
Kuriko? by Ace of Spades ♠️
Saiki Kusuo is just a normal, antisocial, school going teen. Unless you count the fact that he has god-like amounts of psychic superpowers. That one fact ends up getting...
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Armon daughter ? by sammyjay05
Armon daughter ?by sammyjay05
a little girl named jasmine lives with her abusive mom who forces her to suck dick her mom gets tired of jasmine being in her life so she called Armon jasmine dad to com...
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Three Wars Together | PJO, MC, KC crossover by ShengZhang5
Three Wars Together | PJO, MC, KC...by PotatoTheDino
I probably won't be doing another one. But if you want to give my an idea, and I will try to turn it into what you will imagine. I will try my best, and tell me if it's...
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Agent Whirlpool (HOO/PJO/AOS crossover) by TheBlackBasilisk
Agent Whirlpool (HOO/PJO/AOS cross...by TheBlackBasilisk
Percy Jackson is betrayed by every one of the godly worlds. He then left his so-called home. He disappears without a trace of him anywhere. Five years after his banishme...
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A Girl Loved By The Heartthrobs(COMPLETED) by sarah_pil
A Girl Loved By The Heartthrobs(CO...by Sarah Pil-ingen
What will happen if a girl who's attitude is almost impossible to picture met Zio who is a gangster and live in a totally the same roof? -read- kamsamnida all😘😘😘😘😘...
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Hi5 Oneshots by ellieafterdark
Hi5 Oneshotsby ellieafterdark
Just some little oneshots/imagines kind of things I'm working on
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cliche moments in pjo and hp fanfics by ephemeralskjes
cliche moments in pjo and hp fanfi...by inactive <3
warning : i wrote this book a long time ago, and it's extremely cringy, so read with caution !! cli·ché /klēˈSHā/ noun 1. a phrase or opinion that is overused...
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Demigods meet Mortals by i_was_a_mistake21
Demigods meet Mortalsby Velez DiLaura
The mist is down, the world of mythology has been revealed. Watch as these demigods have to go to the mortal world. Some are hit on, some are bullied, some find other de...
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When They Accedentally Meet(COMPLETED✔)[still Editing] by Knight_prinzessa15
When They Accedentally Meet(COMPLE...by Knight_prinzessa15
#1 in ranking in "icant"(I really don't know what is it but thanks na lang din) but now moving on na...😂😂😂 What if everything is an accident?? When you acci...
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