°•.Chapter 1.•°

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Third Person

He jumped from tree to tree, hoping to be just in time for their meeting. He ignored the animals stopping by to look at him, or the trail of snow leaving marks as he went on.

He has white hair and icy-blue eyes, which expressed nothing but coldness. His skin is as pale as snow. He wore blue jacket and gray jeans. On his back, a staff hung.

He arrived at a clearing and stopped. There were two people there, one sitting in a spot full of flowers and green grass, one sitting on an orange spot full of orange leaves.

He sat down on the spot next to the girl sitting on the orange spot. She has auburn hair and lazy orange eyes. She wore a plain orange shirt and an orange skirt.

The other girl, in the other hand, has straight purple hair and cheery leaf-green eyes. She has slightly pointy nose and ears on her petite face. She wore a bright pink dress with a leaf-green belt.

The moment man sat down, the grass by his feet got covered with snow. And at the same moment, the surroundings turned warm, and a boy bursted out of the trees. He sat down beside the other man. He wore a jerseys which is colored yellow and lime-green shorts. His eyes were yellow just like the sun and his hair is blonde.

"So," the newcomer said. "How late am I?"

"Only for a bit," the purple haired girl said in a cheery voice. "You're lucky Winter just arrived."

The other boy glared at the speaker. "At least I'm not always late." Even his voice is cold.

"Yeah," the girl wearing orange defended. "Summer always is. Sometimes, Winter is the first one to arrive. You just got lucky, Spring."

Sprung huffed. "Bah! You kept on saying 'luck'! What's up with you and luck?"

Before a fight could break out, the one called Summer held out his hands. "Ladies, ladies. You are both pretty, but what is this meeting all about?"

The three seasons exchanged looks with each other. "I don't know," Spring confessed. "Mi'lady just told us to be here."

Awkward silence followed her words. After a few seconds, Summer was tapping his fingers. Winter just started into the empty space in front of him. Autumn was watching the trees with a frown, and Spring was sketching something in a leaf.

"I'm one hundred percent sure that I would die out of boredom," Summer suddenly said.

The rest looked at him weirdly, like: Seriously? He just shrugged.

As if waiting for that to be said, the leaves rustled, and a burst of hot air exploded in the middle of the clearing. A dark void appeared out of nowhere and a woman stepped out of it.

"It's nice to see you again, my dear Seasons."

The woman wore a black chiton that reaches just below her knees. The chiton she is wearing is dotted with colors, red, blue, yellow white, et cetera. Her hair is up in a braid that resembles a crown and her arms are covered with golden jewelries.

The four seasons dropped to a bow. The woman waved her hand and the four sat up again.

"Lady Chaos," Winter said. "What brings you and us here?"

The one named Chaos gave him a look. "How many times had I told you not to call me 'Lady'?"

"Based on the times I counted," Summer said with a mischievous glint on his eyes. "Five hundred seventy-eight, my lady."

Annoyed, Chaos flicked her hand and the third season's mouth shut close. He made sounds of protests, but Chaos kept on talking.

"I have a new mission ready for you."

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