°•.Chapter 9.•°

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I guess I did not expect what will happen.

So here I sat, back in my old table with my half-brother, Michael Yew. Most of the younger Apollo campers were asking both of us what it was like to be in the army. The others just randomly asked me questions.

When they all ran out of questions, I frowned. I realized that someone didn't talk to me and Michael earlier.

I tilted my head slightly and looked at the head counselor of Cabin 7. He is looking down, as if avoiding our gazes.

I caught Lambda's eye, and his eyes followed the direction of where I was looking at. His eyebrows furrowed.


As soon as his name was mentioned, Will Solace looked at his half-brothers. He smiled at the lightly. "Hey."

The guy is sitting between Lambda and I, so it wasn't difficult to swing my arm into his shoulder. "Long time no see, huh?" I asked him.

"Yeah," Will answered.

"Why do you act like you're avoiding us?" Michael asked.

Solace looked back at his plate. "Well, it was weird seeing you after so long. And I figured.…you wouldn't like me taking your positions."

I fell silent after his words. I stared at him with raised eyebrows. "I forgot how stupid you can be."

The three of us knew what those words meant, and we immediately burst out laughing. Few campers glanced at us, but I just ignored them. It was nice being back here again.

Will and Michael continued laughing. My eyes scanned the surroundings with a tiny smile. But when my eyes landed on a particular spot, my smile faded.

"Where's Percy?"

Both of them stopped immediately. Michael has a look of confusion of his face. Will seemed to be looking guilty.

Both of us looked at him, expecting for an answer. When he didn't spoke up, I asked the question again.

Will gulped. "I think I'll start from the beginning..."

"Duh," Lambda said, rolling his eyes.

"After the Titan War, we had another war. Percy is the subject of it yet again," —I groaned, just thinking of the pressure he must've gone through—"but this time, he has help from six other demigods. Annabeth is one of them, along with two Greeks and three Romans. They fought against Gaea—"

"Wait," I cutted him off. "Gaea. Like, the literal earth. The primordial goddess?"

Will nodded and continued. "Though, someone had to sacrifice himself to win the war. He was not seen ever since. No one knew of what happened to him. He just...disappeared.

"Then, a few weeks later, a new demigod arrived here in camp. His name is Logan. Soon, he was claimed by Poseidon, who came here personally. He was nice to everyone. He made friends with us and acted very nice. But little did we know that he was just using us.

"He framed Percy for things he didn't do. Everyone was angry at him, even me. But it got to the point where Poseidon falsely accused Percy of killing his own mother. He was so convinced of it, he didn't even payed attention to what he was doing. And so, Poseidon disowned Percy."

I glanced one more at Michael. Why do this have to happen? Can't Percy just have a nice and perfect life?

Will continued his story. "Percy lost his powers over the sea. And he ran off towards the woods. He attempted to seek comfort there with the silence, but what he saw there made his heart break once more. He caught Annabeth, his own girlfriend, cheating on him with Logan. He ran off once again, and it was surely because he started packing his things. After that, no one has seen or heard of him."

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