°•.Chapter 8.•°

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I want to be honest here.

If you think that I went straight to Chaos, then you're wrong.  I appeared to a nearby tree and masked my presence. I melted into the shadows just so that no one would see me.

I watched as the whole Army of Chaos introduced themselves. When I heared Delta's voice, I froze.

What do they think they're doing? Why are they revealing themselves later?

Ugh. Enough questions. I concentrated and transported myself outside Chaos's palace. Soon,  the scenery completely changed.

Since you haven't seen Chaos's palace before, let me describe it to you.

Imagine the Disney castle at the beginning of every Disney show. Then, multiply the size of it to five. After that, imagine the color of the palace walls like a kaleidoscope's. Recall the most outstanding gate that you had ever seen, and that would be the gate. Think of your favourite color, and you will see it as the color of the gate. Picture the most beautiful scenery that you can imagine, and that would be the palace garden.

Done yet? If you are, let me tell you this. That is only one-fourth of how the palace really looks like. And let me tell you this, her palace is not outside the earth, but at some place where you can't find it. I'm not saying the location.

Well, back to what I am saying before. I stared for a few minutes at the palace, before walking in.

Unsurprisingly, the lady who usually asks me my code name and number did not spoke up. So I headed directly in, not even bothering to think about it. The lady is always drinking at the coffee shop inside the palace, so I won't worry.

I finally came into the gigantic doors. I was about to knock when I felt a cold breeze.

I stopped. Something about the wind is cold, as if warning me. And the atmosphere…it seems like something is wrong.

I didn't even bother to knock anymore. I pushed the door open. Almost immediately, I heared a loud noise, and all hell broke loose.

Did I hear that just right?

The Army of Chaos wanted to reveal themselves, but we can't. Well, not necessarily 'can't'. We just don't want to. Probably because the others are not ready yet.

I followed the other Seasons as they enter the camp again, their eyes on the Army. I caught Autumn's eye, and nodded.

I pushed past them all, and headed back to the Big House. I walked around until I stopped in a room. The room where I'm staying. Slowly, I opened the door and came in.

I sat on the bed and stared at the floor. I still can't believe it. The assassin is Ethan, while the lieutenant is Silena. It just seemed…unnatural for her.

I almost laughed out loud. The child of Aphrodite, the diva of the camp, and the best dressed head counselor before, now in the position of the lieutenant, the right hand of Chaos. Meaning she has no much time to wear her make-up. At least she is able to make herself presentable with her choice of appearance.

Ethan. That one was different. The guy is all about fairness. Sure, he would go around killing the bad people before they kill the good, but it doesn't seem balanced. There should be good, and there should also be the bad. That's balance, isn't it?

My thoughts were cut off by a knock on the door, with I locked. I stood up warily and opened the door. There stood the person I was just thinking about. Paenitet a.k.a Ethan Nakamura.

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