Part 17 What's Left of Me

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 Natsu pounded on the black walls incaging him, his flamed gladius having extinguished itself as soon as he was sealed. The only thing lightening his surroundings was a loading bar-he had seen several when he had somehow managed to download several viruses on Ichigo's computer-above his head on the ceiling. His fists were bloody from pounding for freedom; Lucy's trainer was nothing if not efficient being able to contain a Soul Reaper as strong as Lucy and a pissed off fire user fullbringer.

His hearing was blocked from whatever happened outside of his prison. Now loading the bar said, he was about to be let out. Natsu cracked his knuckles in anticipation a cruel grin spreading across his lips. Oh, they better pray Ginjo'd be the one who the pissed pinkette saw first; otherwise, they were going to have hell to pay. No one got in the way of a Dragon Slayer's revenge. The fact he wasn't technically a Dragon Slayer was nothing more than semantics, nothing could erase those territorial instincts or the protective ones.

His cage began breaking down, first starting with his feet then slowly making its way towards his head. "Load complete." Those words echoed in his ears, neck cracking side to side loosening him up for what was to come. They better have a damn good explanation for what they interfered with.

Black combat boots filled his vision, they were smart after all. Just not smart enough to delay an angered former dragon slayer. He leaped at Ginjo before anyone could say-or do-anything.

Now, Natsu knew Ginjo had years of training behind him-he estimated the man started off when Natsu himself was born-so the fact he let-there was no feasible possibility of Natsu managing to hit the man if he didn't want to be hit-Natsu slug him across the face spoke leaps and bounds of what he knew would happen. Ginjo didn't tumble to the floor as most did, instead his head leaned back with the force otherwise he was immovable.

Ginjo's eyes locked on his angered student. "We good?" Blood dribbled down his chin from Natsu's slug.

"Far from it but if you swear not to get involved next time we'll be good." No one said anything, they just moved on. Both parties knew if that made a repeat appearance Ginjo and Co. would interfere, Natsu was no good to them dead after all.

"For now Tsukishima has decided to retreat, he could have fought back at any moment, instead he chose to back off. That causes us to believe he was only here to test you, nothing more nothing less. "

Yukio boasted about his abilities in the background but Natsu tuned him out...until he was told he would be Natsu's next trainer. His deadpanned look, in turn, made Ginjo belly laugh, if he was supposed to be the guy's trainer why was he doing very little training with him.

"Who will pinky be fighting, hah? Personally, I don't want to see what happens when you put two pinky's together and call it training." Riruka's hey! shut up! could be heard quite clearly.

"You're looking at him." Now Natsu face planted Ridiculousness style-seriously he had no idea what those guys were saying, nor why Lucy always made him change the channel, but those videos were damn hilarious-now Ginjo chose to train Natsu?!

Yukio and a now standing Natsu shared a look, this man had to kid their silent communication spoke. Sure Natsu bull-headedly charged Tsukishima moments ago that was different than battling Ginjo. For one the pinkette knew he'd be pummeled into a fine powder, for another combining someone like Natsu with someone like Ginjo was just begging for trouble.

"Yeah, not joking brat number one, brat number two-yes I mean you Yukio-fire up your Fullbring one more time for me then go analyze Lucy's memories again," Yukio grumbled under his breath but did as asked.

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