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Bleach Boyfriend Sceanarios by QuintyYing
Bleach Boyfriend Sceanariosby Kado
Come in and see! I will try updating once a month
  • kenpachi
  • toshiro
  • jushiro
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I'm Not Your Normal Reaper(Shuhei/Ichigo) by Cleoamelia
I'm Not Your Normal Reaper( Autumn
Dear Diary, It happened again today. The desire to protect a bullied soul. Of course I listened to this desire, but was reprimanded soon after. Mom doesn't seem to get i...
  • jushiro
  • kenpachi
  • yumichika
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Frozen Time, Broken Ties by Anime808
Frozen Time, Broken Tiesby Anime808
A Bleach Fanfiction Byakuya Kuchiki and his sister Rukia venture the outskirts of Rukongai, trying to find the cause of the high spiritual pressure. There they are shock...
  • hinamori
  • new
  • reatsu
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Toshiro with the Shiba clan, Kurosaki family and his own. by ToshiroHitsugayaCap
Toshiro with the Shiba clan, Toshiro Hitsugaya
Join Toshiro being all head fucked with a ton of different things.
  • ốc
  • toshirohitsugaya
  • ichiruki
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Heroes by sunsetsoverscars
Heroesby Maycee
Adel had always looked up to the heroes of her favorite TV show, Bleach. The confidence, the fighting, it all seemed so amazing. But when she's mysteriously sucked into...
  • manga
  • parakeet
  • fighting
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Inevitable by ZeraphEnd
Inevitableby ZeraphEnd
Basketball star Akane Urahara has surprisingly found herself in some kind of love shape. She doesn't even understand herself! Join the bleach cast in this AU. I have res...
  • kurosaki
  • karin
  • anime
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Monkey Bars (Bleach) by Zukkinitsu
Monkey Bars (Bleach)by Rheana
Deity: a god or goddess synonyms:god, goddess, divine being,supreme being, divinity,immortal; More divine status, quality, or nature. "a ruler driven by delusions...
  • rukia
  • chad
  • uryuu
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I miss you, I need you .:Byakuya Kuchiki:. by AliceZaraki
I miss you, I need you .:Byakuya Nico
[EDITED 7/4/11- When I have more talent with Summaries] Our story starts one day when Alice finds out something shocking about her best friend Ichigo Kurosaki. The story...
  • soulreapers
  • byakuya
  • ryoko
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The Storm Clouds Are Gathering by MarieMonica
The Storm Clouds Are Gatheringby Ashley
The Winter War is finally over, but as the story goes, Ichigo is now leading a normal life of a teenager in his final year of high school; our favorite Strawberry is no...
  • ichigo
  • kon
  • karin
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Bleach Whatsapp⚔ by Foxy-BBRAE
Bleach Whatsapp⚔by Mía Kurosaki Kuchiki
¿Qué pasaría si los personajes de Bleach tuvieran Whatsapp? ~Advertencia~ ~Soy ICHIRUKISTA y no porque el final de Bleach sea Ichihime y RENRUKI... Significa que la hist...
  • ichirukista
  • grimm
  • rukia
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What Brings Us Together [Bleach-Ichigo] *OH HOLD!!!!* by KellySavage
What Brings Us Together [ Kelly Savage
Amaterasu Tenshi is Ichigo Kurosaki's best friend since forever both of them are subsitute soul reapers but...what if there's more to Ama then just that? And her family...
  • ururu
  • bleach
  • hollow
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Force Against Sanity - A bleach story- by KingTrashLord
Force Against Sanity - A bleach James
Disclaimer: i do not own bleach or any of these amazing characters, well besideds my own, Ryu and maybe other Oc's PS: THIS IS A YOAI!!!! BOY X BOY. PLEASE BE AWARE OF T...
  • kubo
  • ryu
  • wth
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Search for Fullfillment by Hilal-tastic
Search for Fullfillmentby A lil bit of an asshole
Ichigo was a normal kid, he fared well in school, had a handful of friends, lived happily with his mother and twin sisters... but was also able to see ghosts. And a fat...
  • ichigokurosaki
  • isshin
  • ichigo
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Karin in Wonderland by R3dLuv3Singin
Karin in Wonderlandby R3dLuv3Singin
Karin was in the park, minding her own business, when she saw a strange rabbit, who look just like Rukia. Suddenly she end up in the place called Wonderland with an 'ove...
  • toshiro
  • rukia
  • isshin
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Hija de la luna- A Bleach Fanfiction by Hilal-tastic
Hija de la luna- A Bleach A lil bit of an asshole
Ichigo' s cousin, Tsukiko moved with them by the beginning of the year. After her parents' s death. Oh but little do the Kurosaki (or at least the kids) know of her past.
  • ichigo
  • karakuratown
  • seireitei
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Triumph by DarkConglomerate
Triumphby DarkConglomerate
Ichigo and Rukia's only hope for survival lies in the strength of their relationship. Together they overcome new threats from the Zero Division, the Vandenreich and Aize...
  • society
  • ichigo
  • isshin
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Bleach Instagram by Foxy-BBRAE
Bleach Instagramby Mía Kurosaki Kuchiki
¿Qué parara si los personajes de Bleach tuvieran Instagram? ~Advertencia~ ~Soy ICHIRUKISTA y no porque el final de Bleach sea Ichihime y RENRUKI... Significa que la hist...
  • ichigo
  • mucho-más
  • ichiruki
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Rainbows (Bleach) by Zukkinitsu
Rainbows (Bleach)by Rheana
Rain drizzled...then stops. The clouds move, making way for the sun and the rainbow. I always wondered if there was a pot of gold at the end...instead, I found a Soul R...
  • yüzü
  • orihime
  • rukia
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Bleach by SwaggerLehnertY
Bleachby SwaggerLehnertY
  • orihime
  • kurosaki
  • ichigo
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Kasai by JarelMalik
Kasaiby Jarel Malik
Being the Head Captain's adoptive daughter, doesn't mean you're home free from your share of work and Kasai Yamamoto knows this. It's just that she can easily gets side...
  • karakura
  • isshin
  • rukia
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