Part 5 My Demons

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 She ran through the darkness, pumping her legs faster and faster trying to find a way out. C'mon there has to be a way out of here! Her lungs were filling with musty, damp air so fast it was close to hyperventilation; her heart raced like an Olympian track and field racer. Her eyes frantically looked in every direction trying to find the way out. Please!

Finally, after what felt like ages of running she sees a small pinprick of light. Oh, thank Mavis! Her legs ran even faster than before, it felt like she was flying along the blackness, her long hair whipped behind like a cape. C'mon just a little more...I can do this! C'MON!

Her booted foot passed into the light soon followed by the rest of her. She glanced down at her body after catching her breath, sweat dripped down her body, she was dressed in her pink and white bikini, her gates keys slung around her waist on a brown leather belt, her long hair back in low twin tails. What? Why am I dressed like this? Why is my hair so long? Where's my sword? She thought. Mukai? Are you their? She asked inside her, no response came.

Water swallowed her up, she could see several other people in the water sphere. Minerva? Juvia? What? What's going on?! One by one every opponent was brought down until only Minerva and Lucy remained. 

Oh no. Lucy dreaded what was about to happen. Minerva grabbed Lucy through her magic and swung her face into her fist. There was a brief crunch before blood trailed out of her nose. Lucy tried to fight back but every time she did Minerva was there with a punch, kick, slap, or knee. Blood tinged the once clear water as Lucy was bled. Her hand touched one of her keys but Minerva's own squeezed hers until cracks were heard. Lucy opened her mouth in a silent scream.

Natsu help me, please! Lucy yelled out in her mind, she didn't want to go through this again. Except she had no choice, nothing she did could change the course of this nightmare; she was in it until she woke up.

Finally, the end came. Minerva had Lucy by her head as she dangled out of the water. Vaguely she could hear Fairy Tail's roars of outrage, Natsu's growls making themselves heard over everyone else. She could even hear Sabertooth's taunts.

Minerva released Lucy, her body fell to the ground. This nightmare is over. Lucy thought in relief. If only she knew.

 Once her body made contact with the sandy ground she sank right through it. Brown eyes snapped open in alarm. This had never happened, why was she sinking through the ground?

Slowly her body fell through the earth until her arms were wrapped in heavy iron chains. Her eyes roved over them, this had definitely never happened before. Sure, she was suspended in that giant fish clock but it was gel-like not chains. Minerva stood in front of her, in her hands dangled a splintered fiberglass whip with pieces of studded and frayed leather. She knew this was going to hurt.

"Well, well, little fairy, look where we are. Tsk Tsk, you shouldn't have angered this goddess." Minerva sneered.

Lucy knew what was coming, had seen Minerva pull her arm back, still, when that whip made contact with her skin she let loose a loud blood-curdling scream. That whip left a cut spanning the length of her stomach, blood dripping down both her stomach and whip. When she moved to inhale she felt shards of fiberglass move within the wound, could feel as each piece lodged itself into her flesh. Minerva pulled back, let her whip fly, this time studded leather pierced the skin along her breasts while fiberglass slapped her right cheek. Both wounds began seeping with blood, breathing hurt worse than moving.

With every swat of that whip, she stopped screaming-her voice having gone out long before-as her skin was deckled with studs that had been ripped from the leather lodged in her skin, pieces small and large of fiberglass, and fragments of leather dangling inside wounds. She was covered in blood, her left eye shut from a stud that had impaled itself into the iris. Cuts and gashes were everywhere, her bikini long since slashed off of her. Her ears rang with Minerva's loud demented laughter. Only at points, it didn't just sound like Minerva but Erza as well.

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