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Guilt and Regret by _Th3AsianWrit3r_
Guilt and Regretby _Th3AsianWrit3r_
Imagine the person you love, to the bottom of your heart, suddenly starts ignoring you, hating you, abusing you just because you're "weak". All their friends s...
  • gale
  • natsu
  • lucy
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I Miss Her by Strange_Desire
I Miss Herby Strange_Desire
**spoilers** The guild knows that Lucy is keeping something from them. After the defeat of Tartaros Lucy isn't acting like her normal self but they don't have much time...
  • teamnatsu
  • lucy
  • anime
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Light To Dark (Fairytail Fanfic Midnight X Oc) by Priscil_is_me
Light To Dark (Fairytail Fanfic Priscil_is_me
I thought i have a family, but was i really that wrong? This is my fanfic and my creating only so if u think u could copy, u r dead wrong... this is a Midnight x reader...
  • darkpast
  • fairytail
  • teamnatsu
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12 Years [Fairy Tail Fanfic]  ✔ by Hinata36
12 Years [Fairy Tail Fanfic] ✔by Hiatus
12 whole years. 12 whole freaking years. That's how long fairy tail's gone. That's how long Lucy and Happy was in their own world. For years, Happy and Lucy have trai...
  • natsuxlucy
  • missingyou
  • nalu
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Scars by nightfury150
Lucy Heartfilia has secrets, but then again, everyone does. However, hers are darker than most: she was abused as a child, and now she bears scars that remind her of eve...
  • nalu
  • lucywasabused
  • accidentalproposal
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the new and improved Lucy heartfilia by Fairy4Ever
the new and improved Lucy 🤑Tawana😄
lucy heartfilia now 18 years old was betrayed by fairytail. the only person who paid attention to her was lauxus, the thunder God tribe and lisanna. everyone else on the...
  • lisanna
  • zeref
  • lucy
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Shadowy Depths (Fairy Tail Fanfiction) by Perseverance-n
Shadowy Depths (Fairy Tail Perseverance-n
With Fairy Tail disbanded, Lucy loses her family. Not easily trusting people, she's a changed person two years later. Independent in her own right, she ventures on her o...
  • teamnatsu
  • jellalfernandes
  • celestialspirits
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Acnologia, my Childhood Friend by Line464d
Acnologia, my Childhood Friendby Line464d
Lucy runs away from the guild to begin her training to get stronger when she runs into an old childhood friend, Acnologia. But... Why is he a Dragon? Why is SHE a Dragon...
  • dragons
  • acnologia
  • anime
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The celestial Pegasus by BerserkerClass
The celestial Pegasusby BerserkerClass
I had a description but it didn't fit to what I wanted the fanfic to lead to so enjoy, please comment as don't hate to much
  • teamnatsu
  • anime
  • fairytail
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(Discontinued) Don't Know The Whole Story | Natsu X Reader by FandomDork828
(Discontinued) Don't Know The Anxious Bean
In the anime Fairy Tail there are many guys, but one caught your eye when you joined the guild. You really love Natsu Dragneel. Also, the backstories for each character...
  • natsu
  • wendy
  • fairytail
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le secret d'une étoile by KiraTodacri
le secret d'une étoileby fairy tail 4ever
le passé ainsi que les capacités du personnage de Lucy seront changé dans cette histoire. (ne vous en faites pas elle sera toujours constéllationniste mais il y aura un...
  • amour
  • vengence
  • lucy
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What If (Fairy Tail Fanfic) by animefreak0311
What If (Fairy Tail Fanfic)by Ryū
Just a short 'what if' scenario in the ever eventful Fairy Tail guild
  • badasslucy
  • strong
  • familyintheguild
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Frontier in Fairy Tail by nymphia08
Frontier in Fairy Tailby Jenny No
After three months coming back from the Digital World, they come back together at Shibuya station, where they first went to the Digital World. But instead of returning t...
  • digimon
  • fairytail
  • teamnatsu
The Fairies' Mission by Shadowflight989
The Fairies' Missionby Shadowflight989
Fairy Tail's most powerful (and destructive) team is sent to earth as a fourth school for the tri-wizard tournament in order to protect the contestants and Harry.
  • fairytail
  • harrypotter
  • goldentrio
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New and Improved//FT Fanfic by A_Katz
New and Improved//FT Fanficby A_Katz
July 1st, x793- The day Lucy's life changed Lucy leaves T. Natsu. What reaction will she have? Will she give-up? Only fate knows... Ok I promise I'm going to try to make...
  • notsonormalftfanfic
  • natsu
  • teamnatsu
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My Childhood Love (fairytail fanfiction) (On Hold) by luislovekc
My Childhood Love (fairytail kimberly fukushima
We all know that Natsu Dragneel doesn't even know his very own family. But what if one day a mysterious girl came to Fairytail and tells him that she is his sister and a...
  • natsudragneel
  • teamnatsu
  • natsu
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New Era: Save You by Ai_dragneel
New Era: Save Youby アイ・ドラグニル
Second season of: "New Era of Fairy Tail" Zeref died, along with Lucy. It's been two years since the battle, and everything has changed. Everyone is trying to move on f...
  • jerza
  • fanfiction
  • tragedy
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