The Star Dragon Slayer : Fairy Tail Fanfiction by blxeskies-
The Star Dragon Slayer : Fairy *。『 puff puff 』。*
-I do not own Fairy Tail! It belongs to Hiro Mashima! I only own my OCs- Skie is a normal mage travelling around Fiore with her companion, May, but that all changed when...
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Shadowy Depths (Fairy Tail Fanfiction) by Perseverance-n
Shadowy Depths (Fairy Tail Perseverance-n
With Fairy Tail disbanded, Lucy loses her family. Not easily trusting people, she's a changed person two years later. Independent in her own right, she ventures on her o...
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Acnologia, my Childhood Friend by Line464d
Acnologia, my Childhood Friendby Line464d
Lucy runs away from the guild to begin her training to get stronger when she runs into an old childhood friend, Acnologia. But... Why is he a Dragon? Why is SHE a Dragon...
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Empress of Dragons ( Lucy Revenge )  [UNDER EDITING AND SLOW UPDATE] by MissKimSimple
Empress of Dragons ( Lucy Kim Hazelie Im
The Lucy we know, The friendly, cheerful and a kind girl. But now she is the cold, kind, vengeful, and a powerful lucy. The one who made her become like this??? The one...
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The Fairy's Sage by YanYandude
The Fairy's Sageby Wasian Potato
Naruto has been through a rough couple of days he's the only one left in shinboi world madara killed everyone except him and sasuke then after they defeated madara sasuk...
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Gratsu Maybe~? by Dove-Chan
Gratsu Maybe~?by Rei
Natsu gets sick and Gray takes care of him. WARNING GUY ON GUY ACTION. ALSO VERY FLUFFLY. DO NOT READ IF EASILY OFFENDED. THANK YOU this is my first gratsu fanfic so ha...
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Guilt and Regret by _Th3AsianWrit3r_
Guilt and Regretby _Th3AsianWrit3r_
Imagine the person you love, to the bottom of your heart, suddenly starts ignoring you, hating you, abusing you just because you're "weak". All their friends s...
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The Sin Of Balance. by 4Jawahir
The Sin Of 4Jawahir
Lucy was betrayed by the guild after Lisanna comes back. Little did they know she was the sin of balance. Find out what happens by reading it....
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Hogwarts, Meet Fairy Tail by cecipizza
Hogwarts, Meet Fairy Tailby i watch too many documentaries
Wizards and mages. Different yet alike. They both share magic, but each uses different ways to use them. What will happen if they happened to meet? ~♤♡◇♧~ Dumbledore is...
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You're my world, you're my everything ✅ by lm1324
You're my world, you're my JustAnotherAuthor.xP
~ "Oi, Lucy!!" Natsu yells. That's weird, he calls me 'Luce' "We need to talk." • "You're not weak Lucy, you never were weak... but if you want...
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Princess of the Stars {Fairytail X Reader} by Nightsky2018
Princess of the Stars {Fairytail Nightsky2018
In this story, the reader is trained in many types of god slayer magic, the strongest magic in earthland, and it is even stronger when it is taught to a person by a god...
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Fairy Tail: The Guardian Fairy (SLOW UPDATE) (FOR NOW) by Neko1290
Fairy Tail: The Guardian Fairy ( Shin-chan
"I'm just a normal human." Said a girl in a cape, her hood covering her face, with her midnight purple ball mask seen clearly. Fairy Tail, the most popular and...
  • mysteriousoc
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Fairy Tail's Pokemon Trainer by nymphia08
Fairy Tail's Pokemon Trainerby Jenny No
Sakura is a trainer who plan is to go back to Ishuu (Unova) to visit her family, but she gets suck into the portal and lands into Hergeon. She meets Lucy, Natsu, and Hap...
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No I Don't! by Musadragoneel
No I Don't!by MusaDragoneel
I love those Fanfics where Acnologia and Lucy are together, more like there is or the fanfic is about them. Anyways..... So here it IS! Well this is my fir...
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Fairy Tail Goes Real by Animetonight
Fairy Tail Goes Realby I need sleep
Present day in the real world, things are going rather average. However, now a certain group of wizards have entered the real world and who knows what trouble they'll br...
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The Darkness That Changed Me (Darkness Book 1) by lopno565
The Darkness That Changed Me ( lopno565
When Lucy is kicked off Team Natsu what will she do? Will she take revenge? Or will she forgive and forget? Not to mention with all this going on an evil man wants to gi...
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Sneaking Away (ROLU)  by Chaos_Child_09
Sneaking Away (ROLU) by Chaos_Child_09
"Sometimes life does not turn out the way we want it to. But the best things are the unexpected things that fall straight to us...."...
  • rogue
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Light To Dark (Fairytail Fanfic Midnight X Oc) by Priscil_is_me
Light To Dark (Fairytail Fanfic Priscil_is_me
I thought i have a family, but was i really that wrong? This is my fanfic and my creating only so if u think u could copy, u r dead wrong... this is a Midnight x reader...
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Phoenix (Naruto x Fairy Tail) by pinktank
Phoenix (Naruto x Fairy Tail)by NOPE
(SLOW UPDATES, Mostly once a month) Being from another dimension can really screw a person over. Being from a dimension that uses magic instead of chakra is another stor...
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 Bixlow x Lucy by Majenna9
Bixlow x Lucyby Majenna Nichols
Lucy was being ignored by the whole guild except for Laxus Bixlow Freed Evergreen Mira and Master. Lucy was kicked out of team Natsu. Natsu beating her up aand kept call...
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