Part 9 Can Do

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 Natsu stood on his feet, usually he was around maybe five foot nine, in this house he was not even close to two feet while that pig towered over him by several.

"Alright, Natsu, your training begins now. You have to defeat it; though it is on the weaker side so it shouldn't be too difficult. If you can use your fullbring that is." Riruka snarked.

Upon hearing her last sentence Natsu twisted around to look at the magenta-haired teen. He swore her red eyes glinted in twisted amusement. She's almost as bad as Erza.

He turned to face the pink haired teen. "What do you mean by Fullbring?! I can't even use my soul reaper powers! How is this supposed to help?!?!" Natsu panicked. Lucy, I'm very sorry for always going through your panty drawer and reading your novel when you had your back turned. Natsu knew his end was coming.

"GYOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHH!" The pig screamed.

Natsu slowly twisted to face the monster before dodging just in time to miss its pink fist. Smoke curled around where his fist lace against the flooring. Natsu sweatdropped. What would have happened to me then?

Mr. Porker swung his fist again, Natsu barely skidded by the fist grazing his side. How am I supposed to beat this thing? He knew he had his heightened senses and strength-the only remnants from his time as a Dragon Slayer-but could those really defeat this Pig thing? One way to find out.

Natsu flash-stepped to the left, he kept going until he was in the pig's blindspot. Once he was in his favored spot he leaped into the air and swung his fist into Mr. Porkers head.

Mr. Porker leaned into the blow, almost as if it didn't affect him. Unfortunately, Natsu's punch was like a tickle to the animal. Natsu glared at the pink thing. After this, I am never eating pork ever again.

"Summer, why don't you use your Fullbring on him already? Go on and take care of him me, neh?" Riruka's 'sweet' voice chimed from the roof of her dollhouse.

"HOW EXACTLY DO I USE FULLBRING?! NONE OF YOU EXPLAINED HOW TO USE IT DAMNIT ALL!!" Natsu screamed at the girl as he kept on dodging Mr. Porker.

Riruka's eyes screwed up in confusion, her head tilting to the side so one of her pigtails fell into the house. Natsu barely dodged the strands in time to escape yet another attack.

"What do you mean 'how to use Fullbring'? We've been born using it, there's now How to Guide for it.

"Fullbring itself is about love, it is the ability to draw out the maximum-" Natsu skidded between the pig's legs, he did not like being unable to land damaging blows to his opponent's. Somebody tell me how to kill this damn pig!

"power of anything you fall in love with. Most of us in Xcution only love one thing, such as Ginjo with his pendant but I am different. I like many things that is why my Fullbring Dollhouse allows to store things I like or love. However, I can only store things I give permission to, that is why you are in this dollhouse. Now!" Riruka clapped her hands with a not-so-innocent smile on her face. "That is it for explanation and advice time. Have fun and try not to die; blood is so hard to get out of pink and white." Riruka shut the lid on her dollhouse.

Natsu cursed her in his head, he may be good with battle strategy but he couldn't do much without knowing what his opponent couldn't take. So far he had tried everything in his limited arsenal of attacks; nothing so much as moved Mr. Porker farther than three inches. Despite being a stuffed animal it was like Gajeel's iron.

Natsu decided to keep on dodging while processing what Riruka had told him. The girl had said Fullbring was about love but he highly doubted Ginjo truly loved his pendant; his Fullbring must be based on like rather than love. So I at least need to like something enough for me to be able to use it; what could that something be? What do I like?

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