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DITF ONESHOTS;  by franksins
this is shit :)) i am deeply sorry for what you are about to go through
Soul Seperation by scrletfyre
Soul Seperationby Elizabeth Vounce
Ichigo Kurosaki has felt a strange pull within himself as he felt like he was being pulled into three different directions. That is when the unimaginable happened. He wa...
The Day I Fell Into Bleach by AmethystStar19
The Day I Fell Into Bleachby Violeta
The day I fell into bleach was the day my life changed and I couldn't believe it. My life was about to change in so many ways and not only that but I was going to fall i...
Crimson Bride |Diabolik Lovers| by Evergreen76
Crimson Bride |Diabolik Lovers|by Evergreen
|Highest rank: #1 in Diabolik Lovers| 17 year old Sayaka Ichigo was sent to live with the Sakamaki brothers under the rule of the Vampire King himself. All her life, her...
You're My Strawberry (Ichigo X Reader) (COMPLETED) by bbub14
You're My Strawberry (Ichigo X Rea...by bbub14
From first meeting, to an date, then surprise love! Meet Ichigo Kurosaki, the boy who you only knew with orange hair and strange powers, to being your boyfriend! And als...
Who am I? by Ash_Chaos
Who am I?by Ash_Chaos
We all know how Ichigo lost his mother Masaki, who was a quincy, when he was very young. But what if he actually gets depression because of it? If his father started to...
Bleach Boyfriend Scenarios by bbub14
Bleach Boyfriend Scenariosby bbub14
To a Strawberry, a short snow head Soul Reaper, then a red pineapple! All these boys are yours in this book ladies! Characters so far: Ichigo, Renji, Toshiro, Ulquiorra...
Kenpachi's daughter and Ichigo Kurosaki  by Bat_Kay
Kenpachi's daughter and Ichigo Kur...by Bat_Kay
What if the strongest Captian has a daughter he doesn't know about and she falls in love with the one and only Ichigo Kurosaki
Bleached by iamAdisco
Bleachedby iamAdisco
Ichigo was tired. Fighting wars did that to one. A tale of loss and hopefully with a happy ending. inspired by Swinging Pendulum by cywscross (bless her soul) and with h...
Ichigo's Twin Sister  by dark15wolf
Ichigo's Twin Sister by Scarlett
Miyuki is Ichigo's Twin little sister. They are always going to be there for each other, they will always love each other but what happens when one day ... Started: 1.0...
Book 1: Indra's Return ✔️ by Luna_Uchiha1
Book 1: Indra's Return ✔️by Luna Uchiha
What if Indra was reborn in the Bleach universe. What if his father, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, decided to give him a second chance at life. Indra Otsutsuki now known as Indra...
The Double Edged Sword by Sidney_Manison
The Double Edged Swordby Yuri-chan Manson
Banished to the mortal world by her grandfather with absolutely no idea of the reason, Izumi Yamamto has aged in the mortal world. Growing along side the dense carrot to...
I Am King  (Bleach Series X Male Reader) by MyNameIsChrisForSure
I Am King (Bleach Series X Male R...by MyNameIsChrisForSure
Y/N Is just a normal 16 year old boy from Karakura Town.... But not all is as it seems. The blood running through your veins has a great amount of power in it, and with...
Darling in the Franxx ~ONESHOTS~ by Xar_Ace
Darling in the Franxx ~ONESHOTS~by Xar_Ace
~These will be a bunch of character x reader or character x character one shots~ ⭐️REQUESTS OPEN⭐️ ~These one shots are for Darling in the Franxx characters only~ ⚠️ AL...
Monsters with souls by scrletfyre
Monsters with soulsby Elizabeth Vounce
Naruto Uzamaki and Ichigo Kurosaki always knew that they were different from everyone else as they both carried monsters within them. After an event in their young lives...
Hollowed Soul by scrletfyre
Hollowed Soulby Elizabeth Vounce
Ichigo Kurosaki had died the night that Gran Fisher attacked him becoming something inhuman. Ichigo is taught by his father Isshin Kurosaki and Kisuke Uharara what he ha...
Blind Franxx by Knotavin
Blind Franxxby Knotavin
Code 028 is unique...but they don't know. He has a secret.... he is blind. Being blind however hasn't affected his ability to pilot his franxx with his partner. What hap...
Kohaku | CODE: -016 - The Klaxosaur King by Fud0_O16
Kohaku | CODE: -016 - The Klaxosau...by ~ Non! ~
His memories erased, only fragments remain. Follow Kohaku, The Klaxosaur Prince on his journey to find what has been lost. RANKINGS [2/24/2020]: # 20 'code' out of 4.8K...
Seen (Bleach) by Niruji
Seen (Bleach)by Niruji._
Ichigo has been able to see Ghost's and apparently the Spirits of Zanpakuto's. He's always wondered what the Old man tailing him was. The Old man said he wasn't a ghost...
Found You (Darling in the Franxx Hiro X Zero Two Fanfic) by random_guy_22
Found You (Darling in the Franxx H...by RdmGuy
Let's imagine that Klaxasour never exist, children are not solider of war. All of our favourite cast reincarnated into high school student, living their own life without...
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