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Hopelessly Devoted to You (Gin Ichimaru love story) by Bleach-Gin
Hopelessly Devoted to You (Gin Ich...by Gin Ichimaru
Changing fate, changing dreams, changing life as we know it. This tale brings to life the fates of two soul reapers trying to find their purpose. One of them is a man wh...
Conquer {BLEACH} by diabolos
Conquer {BLEACH}by Queen
In a world beyond this one is death. Death is dealt out by Shinigami who keep the world in balance like gods. But these gods are flawed and war IS coming. Agito chooses...
Tears of confession [Bleach] by kurenohikari
Tears of confession [Bleach]by kurenohikari
What happens when five kind, strong and beautiful souls are hurt by the ones they love the most? Ichigo, Renji, Hiromi, Yumichica and Hanataurou are mistreated by their...
Ichigo's Twin Sister  by white_17_rabbit
Ichigo's Twin Sister by White Rabbit
Miyuki is Ichigo's Twin little sister. They are always going to be there for each other, they will always love each other but what happens when one day ... Started: 1.0...
The Anger in Her Eyes (HOLD) by morbidcupcake
The Anger in Her Eyes (HOLD)by MC
Ichigo Kurosaki is probably the only person, other than Rukia, who's not excited about the new transfer student. Even Uryu seems interested, though Ichigo's not sure why...
Inner Hollow by ColdLaw
Inner Hollowby ~Marlon Napier~
IchiRuki-What happens when Rukia develops an inner hollow? What will happen to IchiRuki? Rated M for mature content. Suspense/Romance/Action/Humor XD If you like Ichigo...
Ichigo's Sister? In Naruto? (Kaka-baka Love Story) //DISCONTINUED// by yuki078
Ichigo's Sister? In Naruto? (Kaka...by ⌦ドーン
Ichigo's twin sister ends up in naruto world and gets found out by the copy ninja. Her life turns a little more interesting as she continues her adventures through the n...
Hidden Love (Bleach- Ichigo x Hichigo) by me_animefan
Hidden Love (Bleach- Ichigo x Hich...by me_animefan
Shiro finally tell Ichigo his true feelings for him and why he has been evil up until now. Will Ichigo accept Shiro? When Ichigo needs help desperately will Shiro come t...
It was you all along (An IchiRukia Fanfic) by KuchikiIchigo
It was you all along (An IchiRukia...by IchiRukiaForever
To everyone who wanted a different ending IchiRukia 4 ever Disclaimer: I don't own bleach or any of it's characters and this is my first Fanfic so sorry if it's trash T...
Ichigo's 3rd sister is the captain of squad 3! by AllukazZoldyck
Ichigo's 3rd sister is the captain...by Nocturnal Nightmare
What happens when Ichigo has a sister... who is this sister?
Bleached by iamAdisco
Bleachedby iamAdisco
Ichigo was tired. Fighting wars did that to one. A tale of loss and hopefully with a happy ending. inspired by Swinging Pendulum by cywscross (bless her soul) and with h...
The Guardian of Fairy Tail || Bleach/FairyTail crossover fanfiction by PhoenixFiare
The Guardian of Fairy Tail || Blea...by Natalie)-(Rome
- DISCONTINUED - At the end of Ichico Kurosaki's battle with Grimmjow Jeagerjaques a strange and unusual garganta opens up and pulls the two in. When they come to, they...
Instinct Released (Ichigo X Hichigo) EDITING by WhiteSnow116
Instinct Released (Ichigo X Hichig...by WhiteSnow116
MANGA SPOILERS!!! When Muramasa got Ichigo Kurosaki to come to the Soul Society, instead of getting Ichigo's Quincy Powers (fake Zangestu) he got Shiro (Hitichgo or Holl...
Two Worlds Collide (Titanfall x Darling in the Franxx) by code066
Two Worlds Collide (Titanfall x Da...by code066
In this story, you, the protagonist, and your vanguard class titan, DB-5453, have been, for reasons unknown, dropped to the surface of a new world where humans are at wa...
Bleach Boyfriend Scenarios by bbub14
Bleach Boyfriend Scenariosby bbub14
To a Strawberry, a short snow head Soul Reaper, then a red pineapple! All these boys are yours in this book ladies! Characters so far: Ichigo, Renji, Toshiro, Ulquiorra...
Red Riding Strawberry by Jaychesh
Red Riding Strawberryby Karma
Ichigo Red Kurosaki (Ichigo Kurosaki) is the town's cute little teenage boy who loves to spend time in the forest at the edge of the town's limits, and loves his red hoo...
Oh! A baby! (Ichirukia) by KaitoSakine
Oh! A baby! (Ichirukia)by KaitoSakine
Well this is a translation of a French fic I found, I took the trouble to translate, but not before asking the required permits of the author. And I hope you enjoy it.
Bleach x reader by KuronaNox
Bleach x readerby KuronaNox
Slow updates • Active book Give my book some love please ('°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)
Bound To Another by SakuraRamroop
Bound To Anotherby Sakura Ramroop
Betrayed by her own friends expect a handful. Sakura finds herself in a situation where different creatures are attacking their home, who are these people in black and...
FATE (a Shingeki no Kyojin x Darling in the FranXX fanfic) by TheTributer
FATE (a Shingeki no Kyojin x Darli...by The Tributer
When he was faced with death, he fought and lived. When he became one of the same monsters he sought to destroy, he fought and used it to protect and save those around h...