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Across Worlds - A Coyote Starrk Love Story by Midnight_Lilac
Across Worlds - A Coyote Starrk Lo...by Midnight_Lilac
That fateful day. That fateful meeting. He saw her but he didn't think she would be able to see him. The invisible red strings of fate unexpectedly bring two strikingly...
  • arrancar
  • adventure
  • shinigami
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strive • bleach by nicevibe
strive • bleachby jaiden
Locked away in the lowest cell of the Maggot's Nest for one hundred years, a young woman is granted asylum, and allowed to return to the Soul Society. The only problem i...
  • ichigo
  • nicevibe
  • sosukeaizen
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Ebon Phoenix [#1] [Complete] by ForeverFic
Ebon Phoenix [#1] [Complete]by Thalia Gray
Hoping to lighten Harry Potter's life, Headmaster Albus Dumbledore recalls his family's heirlooms and legends and decides it is time to call for help. Follow our favorit...
  • ichigo
  • goblet
  • gobletoffire
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Hollowed Soul by scrletfyre
Hollowed Soulby elizabeth.vounce
Ichigo Kurosaki had died the night that Gran Fisher attacked him becoming something inhuman. Ichigo is taught by his father Isshin Kurosaki and Kisuke Uharara what he ha...
  • shinma
  • ichigo
  • shirosaki
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Ichigo's Sister (Yumeiro Patissiere ) by TwilightSilver
Ichigo's Sister (Yumeiro Patissier...by SilverStar ( S.S )
In this story , Amano Ichigo has a sister that is slightly younger than her. She would go to St. Marie Academy along with Ichigo. If Ichigo has a sister than would she a...
  • amano
  • younger
  • sweets
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|Bleach: LA ESPECIE EXTINTA 2|  |LA GUERRA SANTA| by AthziryArias
|Bleach: LA ESPECIE EXTINTA 2| |L...by Akemi Yashiro
❝A diferencia de Aizen Sosuke y tú, Yhwach y yo tenemos fuertes lazos de sangre que nos unirán incluso en la muerte❞ Después de derrotar a su hermano, Kaori se vuelve Go...
  • batalla
  • arrancar
  • ichigo
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(Closed, to be deleted)Bleach boyfriend scenarios by NuttyCase
Seen (Bleach) by animejumper1
Seen (Bleach)by animejumper1
Ichigo has been able to see Ghost's and apparently the Spirits of Zanpakuto's. He's always wondered what the Old man tailing him was. The Old man said he wasn't a ghost...
  • ichigo
  • grimmjow
  • bleach
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Indra Kurosaki by Luna_Uchiha1
Indra Kurosakiby Luna Uchiha
What if Indra was reborn in the Bleach universe. What if his father, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, decided to give him a second chance at life. Indra Otsutsuki now known as Indra...
  • rukiakuchiki
  • byakuya
  • karin
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You're My Strawberry (Ichigo X Reader) (COMPLETED) by bbub14
You're My Strawberry (Ichigo X Rea...by bbub14
From first meeting, to an date, then surprise love! Meet Ichigo Kurosaki, the boy who you only knew with orange hair and strange powers, to being your boyfriend! And als...
  • romance
  • cjustanime
  • xreader
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Whispers in the Rain - Bleach X Naruto - Uchiha Itachi Love Story by Midnight_Lilac
Whispers in the Rain - Bleach X Na...by Midnight_Lilac
Thrown into a world of war and fighting, not between shinigami and hollows but between ninjas, not to protect innocent people from the dangers that lurk in the darkness...
  • bleach
  • uchiha
  • konoha
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Sweetest Dreams (Yumeiro Pátissiere Fanfic) by jasminetaruc
Sweetest Dreams (Yumeiro Pátissier...by Jasmine Taruc
Yumiko Satsume is a skilled pátissiere, but she doesn't know it yet. She came from a rich and famous family, a family full of doctors. Her dream is to be a famous pátis...
  • fanfiction
  • andou
  • ichigo
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Bleach : hollows on the loose (yoruichi x male reader by thedarklord86
Bleach : hollows on the loose (yor...by Darklord86
What happens when you let a hybrid between soul reaper/hollow loose on the soul society. well you get amazings fights explosie's and one of a badass fighter. Lets read A...
  • aizen
  • romance
  • malereader
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Switch of Choice by KingMayang99
Switch of Choiceby KingMayang99
Disclaimer! Bleach is not mine! if i own Bleach! Ichigo will never married!! I'm sorry. but english is not my first language. After the winter war, Ichigo never lost h...
  • dilemma
  • betrayal
  • bleach
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I Just Been Bleached (Bleach Fanfiction) by IllusiveVixen
I Just Been Bleached (Bleach Fanfi...by オペラ座の意地の悪い女
I never believed in alternative universes, I figured it was just some crazy theory cooked-up by some loony scientist. I went from watching TV in my dorm room to being su...
  • ichigo
  • self
  • anime
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Bleach (various) x reader one shots [REQUESTS CLOSED]  by _Kbangtan_
Bleach (various) x reader one shot...by 방탄소년단
High school student (y/n), (L/n) is a normal soul reaper until fate gets in the way and you find your self in a situation where these handsome soul reapers are here to h...
  • bleach
  • xreader
  • renji
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Dance With Me by animefreak4277
Dance With Meby animefreak4277
Ichigo gets pregnant and the only person that can help take care of them is Byakuya Kuchiki. So they have to live together for a while. As they spend more and more time...
  • byakuyaxichigo
  • byakuya
  • bleach
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The lazy prodigy [A Yumerio Pattisere fanfiction] by CharTime
The lazy prodigy [A Yumerio Pattis...by CharTime
"Rukia Oreki is a lazy person, she got it from her father. Despite this, she dreams to become a great patisserie." Ever since her mother made her a simple...
  • wattys2018
  • hanabusa
  • pattisere
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Into the Sweet Darkness - Aizen Sousuke Love Story by Midnight_Lilac
Into the Sweet Darkness - Aizen So...by Midnight_Lilac
Power. That was what Aizen Sousuke wanted. The one word which was enough to make people swarm to it like delicate butterflies to a tempting burning flame. Aizen Sousuke...
  • aizen
  • soulsociety
  • love
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Ichigo's Twin Sister  by dark15wolf
Ichigo's Twin Sister by Scarlett
Miyuki is Ichigo's Twin little sister. They are always going to be there for each other, they will always love each other but what happens when one day ... *Slow update...
  • soulreapers
  • caring
  • mother
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